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Sep 23, 2020

Open for Business Podcast: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Modernize Your T&E Platform

Samantha Shankman

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Companies that had long pushed their travel & expense programs down the list of priorities were forced into a rude awakening in March 2020 when suddenly getting travelers home safely, tracking unused tickets and waivers, adjusting policy to new travel restrictions, and fulfilling duty of care was put to the ultimate test.

In the six months since, we’ve seen a huge appetite for modern T&E management from TripActions among enterprises who found themselves ill equipped with their antiquated, legacy TMC when COVID-19 hit, and are now looking for a more innovative solution that can meet the challenges ahead. T&E is such an integral part of business growth that it is critical that enterprises use this time to arm themselves with a tech-forward T&E solution and partner that their employees actually want to use.

Five hundred+ organizations have made the switch to TripActions since March 2020. To best meet the needs of enterprises, TripActions earlier this month released the TripActions Enterprise Edition. This comprehensive T&E solution combines the best booking experience, robust global inventory, 24/7 access to expert travel agents, and modern payments and expense tech in a single platform. Through its modern technology, TripActions increases traveler satisfaction and adoption, drives safety and compliance, and makes T&E programs more efficient and cost-effective.

Today we’re sitting down with Jonny Bryan, Chief of Staff at Unit4 to talk through their decision to make the move to modern T&E management in the midst of the global pandemic, and how the situation awakened them to what was needed to really protect their travelers and control costs through their T&E program.

In this episode of Open for Business, we explore:

  • What’s missing when managing corporate T&E with outdated legacy platforms
  • The decision criteria that ultimately led Unit4 to switch to TripActions
  • Why the decision was necessary not only for COVID-19 but to mitigate risk for the future
  • The specific features and products needed for a modern T&E program
  • The positive business outcomes of modernizing your T&E platform
  • How a modern T&E partner can improve culture and the employee experience
  • Why now is the perfect opportunity for enterprises to upgrade their T&E platform for the future

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