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Jun 29, 2022

TripActions Ranks #1 for Spend Management Software Ease of Use By G2

Alex Roha

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It’s official: TripActions is the easiest-to-use spend management software solution on the market, according to verified user rankings in the most recent G2 Summer 2022 report. Its remarkably high usability score of 94, compared to the industry average of 88, is based on a high satisfaction rating and a strong market presence for users worldwide. 

On top of its ease of use, TripActions’ spend management software was recognized as a solution that best met users' requirements and continues to have an above-average adoption rate.  

TripActions latest scores prove that managing spend doesn’t need to be complicated. By pairing TripActions’ best-in-class business travel solution with automated expense management, businesses can control spend and boost productivity while providing employees with an experience they love. 

From small businesses to startups or enterprises, TripActions is helping finance teams scale companies by putting the ultimate spend controls in place. With proactive policies programmatically built into smart cards, spend management is finally automated—from swipe to reconciliation. Plus, interactive dashboards provide real-time visibility for more informed decision-making.

G2 is a third-party tool that independently assesses the quality of products, and the reviews of TripActions in the recent Summer 2022 G2 rankings showed users loved the solution down to its individual features:

  • Ease of Setup: 93% vs. 91% average
  • Controls: 97% vs. 95% average
  • Employee Reimbursements: 97% vs. 93% average
G2 Spend Management Ease of Use Graph With TripActions At Top

“Having one provider to cover credit cards, expenses and travel booking has flipped the head from the standard model of finding three different providers and then getting them to integrate and play nice with each other. And even if you achieved that, the visibility and real-time reporting across all providers did not exist,” said a corporate controller and TripActions user in a G2 review published in the report.

With automated spend and expense management, the work is done once the card is swiped. Employees no longer need to submit expense reports and accounting teams spend 95% less time on reconciliation. 

As the only all-in-one travel, expense management, and corporate card solution on the market, it’s no wonder TripActions consistently ranks above competitors as a winning combination.

To learn more about why users choose TripActions for spend management, download the G2 Summer 2022 Report today.

Ready to start using TripActions today? Get up and running in 5 mins.

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