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Jun 23, 2022

G2 Ranks TripActions #1 Again in Satisfaction for Travel and Expense Management

Alex Roha

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As the dramatic upward trajectory of corporate travel and spend persists and companies increasingly embrace innovative solutions, TripActions continues to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of its customers. The evidence: Once again, G2 has recognized TripActions as a leading global software solution for travel and spend management. In the most recent G2 Summer 2022 report, customers ranked TripActions No. 1 across the categories of Travel, Spend, Expense, and Travel and Expense Management software.

It’s an important honor as G2 is a third-party tool that independently assesses the quality of a product. It collects feedback from verified users and provides independent scores on how customers feel about platforms they actually use. Every quarter, G2 reports on these proprietary satisfaction scores and releases its G2 Grid.

TripActions’ overwhelmingly high rankings in this report across corporate travel and expense categories highlight how our solution continues to advance and scale to best meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. 

One of those needs is travel, which of course has returned in a big way in 2022. And with a busy summer ahead, TripActions is proud to have once again received the title of No. 1 travel management solution for companies globally. 

And, because of the overwhelming praise TripActions regularly receives from customers that have bundled our travel and expense management products, TripActions ranked No. 1 in satisfaction in the travel and expense management category.

In fact, across several categories—from satisfaction to support quality and ease of use—TripActions received high praise from real users and repeatedly flew past the industry average. 

TripActions competes in so many of these categories because it’s the only complete, all-in-one global travel, corporate card, and spend management solution. We combine online booking, expert travel agents, smart corporate cards, and expenses in a single, global platform that delivers real-time data insights and cost savings.

And the latest G2 rankings also prove why TripActions is the champion solution that can truly scale with companies, regardless of their size. TripActions ranked No. 1 in satisfaction for expense management both for companies with a handful of employees and those with more than 1,000. 

That’s because, by putting users front and center, TripActions creates a better user experience, driving adoption for each company. These high adoption rates are reflected in the G2 Report as well, which ranksTripActions above the industry average for ease of use across the categories of Travel, Expense, Spend, and Travel and Expense Management software.

High satisfaction ratings and a powerful market presence help explain why organizations of every size across multiple continents choose TripActions above all other competitors for their travel, spend, and expense needs. And their positive responses go beyond technical intricacies: TripActions also received high praise for the intuitiveness of our products and the ease of doing business with us, which speaks to the very heart of the company’s ethos. 

To learn more about why users rank TripActions so highly, download the G2 Summer 2022 Report today.

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