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Sep 15, 2020

Enhance Your Travel Program with TripActions Accelerator Program

Samantha Shankman

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Unprecedented times calls for a unique approach to support. We’ve seen and heard the challenges users are facing in the industry, and we’re here to help. The TripActions Customer Success team is ready to dive deep with customers through new specialized TripActions Success Accelerator engagements.

TripActions Success Accelerators are consultative one-on-one sessions intended to help travel managers, finance leaders, and HR and operations professionals get the most value from their investment in TripActions. The Accelerators are designed around prescient topics impacting travel and expense programs today. They represent the areas with the highest potential to optimize travel programs and enhance travelers’ experiences when done right.

The Accelerators available for free to existing TripActions customers are:

  • Travel & Expense: Get started with TripActions Travel and TripActions LiquidTM quickly and easily while consolidating all business travel into a single platform.
  • Safely Resume Travel During COVID-19: Learn how to best leverage TripActions Duty of Care features plus a consultation to create region specific travel restrictions.
  • Make the Most of Unused Tickets & Waivers: Receive assistance from a specialist to transfer unused tickets with airlines or other agencies into TripActions while also enabling travel program managers and travelers to automatically track and redeem unused tickets.
  • Increase Savings and Improve Cost Control: Optimize travel policies to increase savings by up to 20% and gain comprehensive understanding of policy toggles available.
  • Improve Expense Reconciliation Workflows: Reduce reconciliation of travel payments to less than 10 minutes by leveraging TripActions reconciliation functionality and learn more about TripActions Liquid for T&E management.

For teams that have already identified the benefits of working with a modern travel and expense management solution, it’s time to take the next step and make sure that your team is doing everything possible to best leverage the tools, real-time data, and technological capabilities of TripActions. Our customers that have already partaken in the Accelerators report increased savings and improved cost control, clarity and strategy for resuming business travel, and improved financial reconciliation workflows.

To learn more about the TripActions Success Accelerators, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or today.

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