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Nov 3, 2020

TripActions U.S. Booking Data Visualized in Time-Lapse Video

Samantha Shankman

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On this historic day in the United States, we became curious about the historical data around another major part of American history. The TripActions data team and Marcus Van Der Peet, TripActions Senior Business Analyst, created a time-lapse video visualizing how travel bookings have recovered in the past year. Starting in November 2019 and in October 2020, the data highlights how TripActions bookings continue to make up ground across the states.

A few high level insights emerged:

  • TripActions has ~15X as many average daily bookings as it did in early April.
  • TripActions had ~10X as many unique travelers in October than April.
  • ~3.6X as many companies booked at least one trip in October compared to April.

The video highlights the steady increase in travel bookings across the United States since March. Incredible efforts from suppliers to perfect sanitation procedures paired with business leaders’ confidence in face-to-face interaction as the best way to drive business forward led to this growth.

This snapshot of time, visualized with TripActions bookings, also highlights the importance of the new products and features that the team released since March including the Business Travel Continuity Suite, Live Traveler Map, Unused Ticket Tracker, and of course TripActions Liquid.

Whether at home or in a hotel, finance, travel, HR, risk, and procurement leaders across the country will be watching the U.S. election this evening with vested interest. This video gives us the confidence and hope to continue building tomorrow.

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