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Feb 4, 2020

Values are the Foundation of TripActions Growth

Leslie Kurkjian Crowe

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One of the first actions that Ilan, Ariel, and I took when I joined TripActions was sit down and discuss our values as an organization. No matter how massive the market opportunity or how advanced our technology to solve real user pain points, they knew that we would achieve nothing of substance without a mission-driven culture that bred passion for our users, innovation, respect for each other, curiosity, and service.

As we enter our fifth year with more than 1,000 team members across ten offices around the world, the importance of our mission and culture has proven critical time and again.

Our values as an organization are what have enabled us to successfully grow as a team and deliver a product, service and experience that our users love. The highest marker for success that we can imagine is when we see our customers achieving success. That happens when our teams are 100% focused on solving their challenges, from the road warrior to the EA booking travel on behalf of an executive, to the finance, operations, HR and travel management leaders who all rely on TripActions to help them delight employees while saving money on travel.

A common saying around TripActions is that we’re “building the plane while flying,” meaning we don’t have the luxury of grounding the plane to build it: Our users rely on us everyday and we must build the best corporate travel management platform and make continual enhancements as we go to ensure their success. That requires that every team member dives in and takes ownership of their projects while delivering an exceptional experience to every user--all of them, all the time. It also requires that we challenge the status quo every day, questioning what is the best path forward to enable our users’ success? We also must prioritize ruthlessly with a bias for action. We encourage TripActioners to think like a pilot while also being a part of the flight crew because we are all in this together. Above all we put the ‘passenger’ first.

As we grow, six core values have served--and continue to serve--as TripActions’ foundation. I’m proud to be part of a team of employees across every department and every office worldwide who embody these values in all that they do:

It’s all about the user - all of them, all of the time We care deeply about delivering the best possible experiences for all of our users.

That starts with business travelers who rely on TripActions to help them with getting there so they can focus on being there.

And by delivering the best experience with the best corporate travel management tech and travel agency service, we empower them for success on the road. We do so by delivering a consumer-like ease of use with unrivalled inventory choice, powerful personalization and 24/7 global travel agents that our users love.

That drives high adoption for finance, operations and travel program leaders so they get the spend visibility, data and insights to optimize their travel programs and policies, save money and fulfill duty of care.

But our user community extends to include our suppliers and partners because in all that we do we focus on delivering a win-win-win for the industry: A win for business travelers; a win for their organizations; and a win for our suppliers and partners.

Challenge the status quo We always question what we’re doing, pushing ourselves to improve.

If we didn’t challenge the status quo in all that we do, our customers would be forced to compromise with antiquated legacy travel management tools. These tools force them to choose between traveler experience and cost savings--delivering on neither very well.

Whether an individual has been with TripActions for years or just joined yesterday, we look to them to always question what we’re doing, truly seeking to understand and make us better (for our users). If a team member doesn’t understand something or it doesn’t make sense, it’s worth challenging. We realize there is nothing sacred about what we do today and we must constantly re-evaluate the way we’re doing things if we want to continue to innovate to solve our user’s pain points across the end-to-end business travel experience. Everyone at TripActions, regardless of title or level, is constantly pushing--or better said, inspiring--us all to improve.

Always raise the bar “Good enough” is never good enough for us.

No matter what, we never settle for “good enough”and instead constantly strive to do better and be better. When we hire someone, we see him/her/they upleveling the whole team, not just getting the job done. Our environment encourages taking risks as we realize the only way to win is by taking big shots and learning from our mistakes along the way.

Focus on what really matters We ignore the noise and stick to the essence.

At TripActions, we get thrown curve balls every day, and it’s easy to get distracted by noise. By ignoring the noise and focusing on our users and what matters to them, we are better positioned to solve big challenges that matter.

Just say it (thoughtfully) We grow through direct and thoughtful feedback.

We don’t hesitate to give direct feedback across all levels of the organization, as long as it’s shared respectfully and in the spirit of helping each other and the business grow and develop. We are motivated by delivering on our promise to our users and realize we must constantly reinvent ourselves in order to do so. Playing politics doesn’t work here.

Stay humble We are driven by our mission, not our success.

While we believe we have delivered the best corporate travel tech paired with the best travel agency service in the industry, it’s more important to us that we are behind the scenes making our users successful. We take pride in helping to solve one of the biggest opportunities businesses around the globe have today - travel - empowering them to deliver a great employee experience AND save money to seize travel as a strategic lever for culture and growth.

That said, don’t take it from me. Watch the video below to hear our team members talk about what it is like to live these values through their work each day:

We are also humbled by outside recognition, which consistently highlights TripActions as one of the most innovative companies in travel, a leader in cloud computing and corporate travel management, and among the top 25 startups to work for based on growth, innovation, and talent.

A whole is only as good as its parts. Every individual who chooses to be a part of our mission-driven company and culture to transform the corporate travel experience and drive in-person connections is what makes TripActions what it is today and every day to come.

I am excited in the months ahead to highlight the people who live our values everyday through our new Employee Spotlight blog series. We look forward to sharing the diverse, intelligent, and dedicated individuals across every part of the company.

We are always looking for new members of our flight crew. Career opportunities across our ten offices are listed on our Careers page. We’re currently hiring for dozens of positions in every department. Take a look -- we’d love to have you.

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