Apr 1, 2022

VaynerMedia Accelerates Hiring with TripActions Liquid

Milan Lostica

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More than 8,000 companies have modernized travel, corporate card, and expense management solutions with TripActions, making giant leaps in cost and time savings while improving visibility, control, and employee satisfaction. See all of the customer success stories in the Resource Center.

VaynerMedia, a marketing agency founded in 2009, employs 800+ people and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Sydney. It’s a fast-growing company that had some unique issues to solve, particularly with travel and expense (T&E).

The company had previously used three different solutions for its T&E: * American Express for corporate cards * Expensify for expense management * SAP Concur for booking travel

As a result, getting visibility and trying to monitor reconciliation were headaches; those processes also took up costly amounts of employee time and energy.

But then VaynerMedia turned to TripActions for a smooth, all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution—and the decision has paid off.

“With our previous solution, our CFO, controller, and I—along with department heads from a few different teams—had to review every single transaction once expense reports were filed. If you consider the human hours and payroll being pushed into that exercise alone, TripActions essentially pays for itself,” said Mike McGee, VaynerMedia’s vice president of finance.

The real-time spend visibility with TripActions has given VaynerMedia an additional benefit: the agility needed to hire top-tier talent and a personal travel perk that provides additional value at no added cost.

“Every perk counts in this current hiring environment, especially when hiring creators who are in such high demand,” said McGee. “If you’re a talented creator, everybody, whether it be a creative agency or people in-house, wants to bring you in. With more and more people becoming global citizens and loving travel, it’s an absolute perk to be able to offer TripActions Lemonade for personal travel. I would say, especially for people of my generation, that a perk that encourages and simplifies travel matters more than anything else.”

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