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May 20, 2020

Video: Twilio Leaders Share Why TripActions Works for Them

Samantha Shankman

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When you’re a high-growth startup with offices around the world, you need a corporate travel partner that understands the value of the customer experience, the power of advanced technology, and the scale that it can support.

The best of these partnerships come from companies built around the same values. And that’s what TripActions and Twilio have found in one another.

Twilio - a cloud communications platform that specializes in customer engagement APIs to streamline company communications - is on a mission to fuel the future of communications. They have more than 7 million developers on their platform, power more than 170,000 companies worldwide, and have a global workforce spread across dozens of offices worldwide.

“With communications and customer engagement being our core focus, TripActions really embodies the values of customer engagement and experiences,” says Brandon Penn, Global Head of Twilio Foundry at Twilio.

The feeling is mutual: TripActions leverages Twilio’s custom chat platform, Twilio Flex, for our travel agent chat tool to give our customers the best possible chat experience.

How Twilio Leverages TripActions

It was important for Twilio leadership to move fast, and they were able to roll out the solution and integration within 3 weeks. Leadership also wanted a solution that matched the level of technology that they already have in house. Within Slack notifications, AI-powered search, and a 360-customer view, TripActions proprietary technology was a fit.

Equally important, TripActions gave the Twilio finance team insights into their T&E budget, which Senior Financial Analyst, Brian Allen, describes as a “black hole” before TripActions came onboard.

“With TripActions reporting, we now have all these details to help guide our business and budget owners in the right directions. It is really critical to understand all those dynamics as we grow the company,” said Allen.

Twilio found a company that was able to grow with them and aligned around similar values and visions. In addition to greater visibility, the ability to make more strategic decisions and control costs, and provide business travelers with the best possible experience, Twilio found a partner who would grow with them on this journey. What’s better than that?

Watch the full video below to learn more about how Twilio leverages TripActions:

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