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Jun 28, 2019

What 93% Customer Satisfaction Means at TripActions

The TripActions Team

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CSAT, otherwise known as customer satisfaction, measures user ratings in the TripActions support system and is a metric that’s core to delivering a best-in-class user experience. At TripActions, CSAT is employed in a few different ways. The main application is through the support team: each day, that group carefully tracks CSAT to manage customer support interactions. Beyond support, our product team stays aligned with CSAT to iteratively refine the product based on how it’s performing out in the wild.

The CSAT measurement is produced from our customer support chat, which asks users at the end of each session how they would rate the service they received. Users rate each experience from 1 to 5 and have the opportunity to provide additional feedback, which gets routed back to support managers to flag anything. In-app chat accounts for 80% of the customer service volume at TripActions, largely due to the ease and flexibility of chatting with a service agent.

CSAT is central to everything done at TripActions, and we consider it at all stages of creating delightful business travel. In fact, at each weekly company all-hands, our business operations team shares CSAT data with the entire company. This keeps each and every employee up to speed with what’s currently affecting its movement.

"Coming from a support background in highly customer-focused industries, I’m keenly aware of how massive the impact of positive customer support interactions can be for our users," says Ciara Govern, Head of Global Support at TripActions. "CSAT is a pulse check on how the product is doing and the strength of the customer service we’re providing."

Once CSAT data is collected by support, that team regularly interfaces with product to ensure they are plugged into the moving numbers. Then, if needed, changes are baked into the product roadmap.

CSAT is the earliest indicator we can get into how our customers feel about our platform and the support they receive. For that reason, when we launch TripActions with a new customer, we’re hyper-aware of their experience and work closely to monitor adoption. Our 24/7 365 support team — located all over the world, including Dallas, Palo Alto, Amsterdam, Sydney, and London — keeps a close eye on incoming ratings to ensure new customers, regardless of location, are taken care of. CSAT gives an immediate, clear picture of where we stand with a customer, and we place the utmost importance on what that picture looks like.

By extension, rectifying low CSAT scores happens here daily. Ciara and the rest of the global support team analyze each and every rating, combing for potential support or product improvements. Scores and comments are routed to support managers who contact the travelers directly to discuss their feedback and resolve anything outstanding. The team also monitors for "silent sufferers" — users that may give a middle-of-the-road or no rating at all, but who could be dissatisfied in some way. We encourage the agent that interacted with that customer who can flag any chat or phone call that didn’t feel perfect, and we follow up with the traveler regardless of the rating they give us.

For those who own or run travel management programs, a high CSAT score is closely tied to a number of key metrics including strong employee adoption, low leakage, and an overall better-managed operation. And a high-scoring travel platform provides users themselves with a designated corporate hub that they feel supports their needs as travelers, as well as better visibility for travel managers and administrators with insight into what their employees are booking. This creates the happy-business, happy-business-traveler world we at TripActions work towards every day.

Better-business outcomes for our users are why we closely monitor our CSAT and iterate based on the data that comes back. While we’re thrilled to consistently score at 93% week after week, we’re constantly updating our platform to maintain and improve this critical metric. If you’re interested in learning more about how TripActions is delighting business travelers, check out our customer case studies.

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