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Sep 11, 2020

What Enterprises Love About TripActions

Kate Kirby

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Today, finance and travel leaders have reached the point where they are taking a good, hard look at their travel & expense management and processes. This year has been transformational in how we perceive the value of technologies that support travel and expenses. With more than a third of organizations planning to resume travel in 2-3 months--and many already on the road today--it’s essential to take the steps now that put your organization in a position to succeed.

TripActions is the go-to global T&E platform for the modern enterprise, and we launched TripActions Enterprise Edition specifically with the set of features and functionality that enterprises need for success. With TripActions, enterprises are able to increase traveler satisfaction and productivity, drive safety and compliance, and make their T&E program efficient and cost effective.

Here are some of the key aspects of the modern T&E platform that finance and travel leaders love about TripActions, which they are leveraging to guide their travel program as it returns.

Increasing Visibility to Drive Smarter Strategy

TripActions is designed to help enterprises manage the entirety of their travel and expense program, which delivers program leaders a greater degree of visibility: what are the cost trends, where are travelers and are they safe, where are there opportunities to adjust policy, and much more.

As Judy Payne, Director of Meetings and Travel, GameStop, put it: “TripActions is the only complete, end-to-end T&E management solution for the enterprise with the best online booking tool, global TMC and payments and expense solution in one platform. TripActions scales with our business to give us the tools and data we need to deliver a robust, global T&E program that protects our traveling employees while saving us money.”

Twilio, too, values using TripActions for a consolidated view of bookings in particular, which provide the ability to drill down for greater detail. “Consolidating all of our bookings to one platform allows us to have better visibility into our travel program as a whole and make more strategic decisions,” explained Nina Panzeca, Travel Specialist, Twilio.

Delivering a better, more supportive experience to travelers

Visibility and control provide insights into how to optimize the program--but just as important is the traveler experience, which ensures the platform of choice is used consistently. When travelers are using a single platform, real-time data can be pulled together without manual work. With TripActions, enterprises can fulfill their duty of care with ease--for example, using the dashboard that lets you see where your travelers are and communicate with them at a moment’s notice--individually or en masse.

From the perspective of the traveler experience, TripActions makes it easy: "[With TripActions] I’ve booked hotels, flights, rental cars, multiple hotels, multiple airports in like 10, 15 minutes. And I have a beautiful, cohesive itinerary where I see everything,” said Kassy Morris, Training Specialist, Procore.

"The 24/7 chat support that TripActions has is absolutely a selling point for Rivian Automotive. Knowing that [our travelers] are taken care of takes a huge burden off of me, but also makes me very happy that they can be supported the way that they need to be,” said Kristin Knittel, Group Manager, Indirect Purchasing, Rivian.

Keeping Travel and Expenses in Policy

TripActions also ensures the unique travel policy of every customer is built into the booking system, so all bookings are within policy--avoiding the chronic pain of not hearing about an out-of-policy booking until well after the fact.

These powerful policy controls are available in both the travel platform as well as TripActions Liquid™, the industry-leading payments & expense solution, that adapts for any environment, from road warriors to teleworkers. A member of the procurement team at Lyft shared: “My team doesn’t have to monitor expenses with a fine-toothed comb because we are in control of the policies that dictate how the product works. We set up policy guardrails and let TripActions Liquid do the work, knowing the cards are integrated with technology we trust.”

“With its cloud-based infrastructure, scalable technology and leading business continuity and duty of care features, TripActions is the right T&E platform for today’s enterprise,” said Andrew Davis, Chief Human Resources and Inclusion Officer at Lennar. “TripActions provides the technology, expertise and partnership we need to deliver a world-class corporate T&E program that empowers all of our Associates to achieve our business objectives.”

Providing Unique Ways to Reduce Costs

The TripActions approach to the enterprise has proven to deliver better ways to cut costs and save time. Jeff Kurn, Global Travel Manager, Anaplan, says, “Since bringing on TripActions, we’ve averaged 11 percent savings across all travel. I even think this stat is an underestimate. We’re seeing a lot of bookings on rates we never would have seen on other platforms, so true savings is likely much higher than our reported number.”

Sarah Toomey, Head of Procurement, Anaplan, adds, “The biggest win [with TripActions] is that our Finance team can better plan, and managers can ensure that their teams are spending their travel budget responsibly.”

Saving time extends to reducing hefty work-hours consumed by the finance team with payments and expense reconciliation. Says Vik Shah of Zoom: “TripActions Liquid is a major time saver. I run a lean team at Zoom, and we have actually been able to reduce reconciliation time from weeks to under an hour each month… Everyone who touches accounting knows that reconciliation is an issue, but it was just always one of those ‘acceptable evils’ that you had to deal with. I wasn’t surprised at all when TripActions approached me with a possible solution to this problem. What impressed me though, was how effective it is.”

See more about the end-to-end value of TripActions Enterprise Edition in this 2-minute video.

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