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May 19, 2020

What’s Happening Inside the TripActions Community This Week

Samantha Shankman

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What role will business travel have after the global paradigm shift around work is complete? In the past week, leaders of major tech organizations have announced that their teams will work from home indefinitely, and other executives are publicly debating the merits of a hybrid model where time is split between home and the office.

These shifts will completely change the balance among work, play, home, office -- and the opportunities we create around them. Through all of this, one thing remains absolutely clear: Spending time together in-person is critical to building relationships and executing on ideas. With less office time, business travel is poised to become the most important factor in professional relationships.

As we navigate these changes and what they mean, we’ve found comradery and a sounding board in the TripActions Office Hours, Workshops and Community. We’re asking the people who have experience seeing the trend lines and where they arrive to come on Open for Business: A Corporate T&E Podcast Powered by TripActions so that we can broaden our minds and sharpen our tools.

We are excited by the change and how we, as an industry, can serve people searching for those human connections in a whole new world. Join the conversation as we travel the road to open borders and business lunches again.

Is Work From Home the Future of Work?

Business travel will be more important than ever--especially if it is the only time we have to connect with colleagues and forge those in-person relationships in companies that decide to forgo offices moving forward. We’re eager to see how these trends evolve and ready to make business travel easier than your old commute.

Tradeoffs in Privacy, Health and Safety

This is a topic that will likely be discussed in more detail in the coming weeks and months. As airports become checkpoints, questions around privacy rights will become a routine part of the travel experience. Our experts are bullish on the capabilities of mobile technology to make sure that everyone is safe, healthy, and protected in this new world.

EU Countries Discuss Reopening International Borders for Summer

While few countries have provided a set date, the leaders of European countries are actively mapping out a plan and strategy that opens borders for all international travel by July. Essential business travel will be one of the first kinds of travel allowed without the 2-week mandatory quarantine. We’ll be keeping track of the updates here.

U.S. Airlines Require Passenger Masks

Our community is debating the effectiveness of mask mandates, how long they’ll last, and how to best prepare business travelers to safely travel again. With updates and insights, come here for a peek at the future of air travel or listen to our podcast episode on the topic here.

To read more about the thoughts and questions on the top of corporate travel leaders’ minds, join us today on the TripActions Community.

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