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Jun 18, 2021

What’s Happening on the TripActions Community Today

Samantha Shankman

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Earlier this month TripActions launched the all-new TripActions Community — a global hub for everyone in the Travel & Spend Management industries to learn, share best practices, and build connections.

The earliest members are already taking advantage of the knowledge base, discussion forums, and academy as they restart their business travel programs and navigate a new world, together.

The discussion forums are lighting up and the topics currently receiving the most interest and engagement are all connected to getting back to travel. Users are asking how others are approaching their return to travel, what steps they’re taking, and seeking best practices.

Get a quick look at what members are talking about and register your account at to join the conversations and gain invaluable insights today.

How Remote Work Will Change Travel Policies

“I think that travel policies will have to be re-visited or updated. As workers decide to work from more exotic locations than their living rooms, standards will have to be set to ensure that employees can still provide the same level of service and that they have contingency plans in place in case their access or availability is derailed due to travel,” writes community member Emy.

Other TripActions customers weighed in to share exactly how those travel policies are changing within their organization. They explained how they implemented a strict pre-trip approval process that was not in place previously. Others noted how their travel policies are revisited quarterly to ensure the safety of their colleagues.

Other customers, travel managers, and even TripActions team members joined in to share their experiences, insights, and best practices.

Vaccine Passports

In this thread, TripActions customer Jean-Baptiste Pivard, Head of Indirect Procurement at Nilfisk, asks how other community members are approaching vaccine passports and looks for product feedback around the new TripActions Digital Passport.

Here, not only did other community members respond with their perspectives, but TripActions product managers also joined the conversation to clarify exactly how the TripActions Digital Passport can be used to complement country-sponsored solutions.

Timelines for Restarting Business Travel

More than just a place for written questions and answers, the TripActions Community provides tools like surveys to get insights fast. For example, Emy posted a survey asking, “When do you think business travel will resume again at your respective company?”

Other community members could simply click a button to share whether travel has already restarted, will re-start before the end of summer, or will be delayed until mid-fall. With the use of intuitive tools like surveys, community members can get quick insights.

Join us as the [TripActons Community]( continues to grow. First time visitors can visit and optionally register for an account by clicking Sign In / Register at the top of the page. Start your own discussion today.
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