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Apr 29, 2020

What’s Happening This Week in the TripActions Community

Samantha Shankman

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In terms of the COVID-19 health crisis, the vast majority of travel, operations, HR, finance and risk leaders have emerged from the immediate response phase and are now deep into the preparation phase, preparing for the responsible recovery of business travel.

In the TripActions Community, thought leaders and travel managers around the world have discussed challenges and shared new ideas around that preparation to get back to business and business travel safely. In our Office Hoursand Workshops, they’ve talked through strategies and brainstormed new approaches.

The latest episode of Open for Business: A Corporate T&E Podcast Powered by TripActions also explores how travel managers can continue driving value with business travel on pause. And how they can ensure that their programs and policies prioritize traveler health and safety while controlling costs and saving money.

Join us and hundreds of others who are forging the path forward. The trending topics this week in our community are:

The New Normal in Hospitality: How COVID-19 Will Change Hotels

New safety measures will shift the business hotel experience as we know it. Hotels will introduce new practices around check in, check out, minibars, and even community spaces. It is also important for organizations and TMCs to consider how they’ll work with suppliers to ensure health and safety for business travelers. This conversation received insights from leaders across the industry with plenty of links examining the topic.

How Meetings & Events Will Transform for the Future

The flow of meetings and events will likely change to reflect a shift in perspective around large groups congregating in a single space for an extended period of time. While the temporary pause on business travel has proven the benefits of meeting in person, vendors, organizers, and venues will approach those differently in the future.

Why Remote Work Pales in Comparison to In-Person Collaboration

There’s science behind why weeks or months of virtual meetings are bad for our productivity and relationships. It explains why we feel less inspired, innovative and productive without the in-person interactions that we had before. This conversation looks at why we travel for business and how we can return responsibly.

How to Plan for Travel Emergencies

Travel and events management company ATPI published a guide outlining how to prepare a formal travel emergency response plan by working closely with your travel management partner. The report talks about how emergency plans are only as effective as an organization makes them to be. Here, our community shares their thoughts on organizations’ responsibilities and the role of TMCs.

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