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May 30, 2019

Why Now is the Time For a Corporate Travel Program Upgrade

The TripActions Team

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A successful corporate travel program can help your business optimize travel spend, improve the road warrior experience to drive adoption, and have a huge impact on the bottom line.

But if your current solution isn’t cutting it, you’re missing out on every one of those benefits — and unfortunately, many of today’s legacy systems simply can’t keep up.

While there are several reasons why an organization would want to upgrade its corporate travel program, the most common challenges posed by legacy solutions typically fall into a couple of buckets:

  • A badly-designed user experience combined with lack of inventory, personalization, and 24/7 365 live human support are causing today’s tech-forward travelers to go rogue, or book outside the company’s provided solution.
  • If travelers don’t adopt the solution, program managers lose visibility into travel spend and trends, and therefore aren’t able to maintain control or optimize programs and policies.

Because 50% of road warriors don’t use the provided corporate travel solution their employers have zero visibility into what they’re spending, or where they are at any given time. As a result, one important objective for those managing corporate travel programs is to improve traveler adoption. The key is to deploy a solution that a) is easy to use, b) delivers unrivaled inventory, and c) ensures travelers are supported from booking until returning home.

But even once travel managers have conquered the adoption problem and can collect all the data, many are then faced with the question of how to best surface, understand, and utilize that data. By tackling this challenge, they’re better equipped to optimize spend, influence traveler behavior, and ultimately, achieve success with the overall program to help drive company growth.

With the above in mind, there’s no doubt that now is the time to give your corporate travel program the upgrade it needs to succeed in the future. To help you make your case to key stakeholders and decision makers across your organization, we’ve created a Guide to Making a Business Case for a Corporate Travel Program Upgrade.

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