Blog Image // Infographic: Why We Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business
Dec 30, 2019

Infographic: Why We Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business

Samantha Shankman

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Why We Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business

Maintaining vibrance and health is at the top of all high performers’ priorities. That’s because they know that what they put into their bodies impacts their ability to focus engage with new people and cultures, and feel their best no matter what their career requires of them. Top achievers are also some of the most prolific travelers. Their ability to problem-solve in the moment and connect with others in person make them a critical force in closing deals and opening up new revenue flows.

It’s been proven that regular exercise boosts work performance by alleviating stress, boosting brain activity, and building resilience for the challenges at work. The topic is covered in top business magazines such as Harvard Business Review, which covered how regular exercise delivers a whole host of cognitive benefits such as improved concentration, sharper memory, faster learning, prolonged mental stamina, and enhanced creativity.

A Harvard study also found that a well-balanced diet and proper hydration have a drastic effect on anxiety, which can be a major factor in business travel success. Your mind needs nutrient-rich and low glycemic foods such as fruits, vegetables, and foods with B vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fats to function well. Treats such as sugar and alcohol can negatively impact the body’s and brain’s ability to adequately fuel itself.

Eating well, staying hydrated, and getting a sufficient night’s sleep alongside regular exercise all support stronger mental capabilities which allow business travelers to perform at their highest level.

See the TripActions infographic 5 Tips on How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business for more:

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