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Jun 19, 2020

Wisdom from Fathers at TripActions

The TripActions Team

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Celebrating Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate dads. What’s your favorite dad joke? Here's mine:

*What happens when you wear a watch on a plane? Time flies.*

Over the past few months, some of us missed being able to travel to visit our dads--and hear their “dad jokes”--while we’re staying safe at home. Or those of us who are dads ourselves may be telling them to our own kids while they’re remote-schooling with us. However, with many positive indicators happening in the travel industry, this Father’s Day may be a good time to enjoy a little optimism while appreciating the fathers and father-figures of our lives. A few of the working dads of TripActions shared their thoughts on being fathers, as well as working from home and travel.

On working-from-home parenting

Although many regions around the world are opening up now, most parents--moms and dads alike--got a whole new experience of the role of parent during the pandemic. The dads of TripActions are no exception.

I have a very active and talkative 18-month-old daughter, who happens to love Zoom calls. When she hears the voices of my colleagues for my morning call, she comes running, asks to sit on my knee, and that is the quietest we see her all day, taking in the conversation.

  • Ian P., Forecasting and Scheduling Analyst

Fathers’ Wisdom

Most of us who work at TripActions are passionate about both leisure and business travel--and many of us developed that love of travel thanks to our parents who traveled for business and took us on family trips as kids.

My dad is a doctor and has never been on a work trip in his life. So he never understood my career: moving to different companies, going on business trips to present to clients... But my dad was always around when I was a kid, and I was thankful he was home, and could come to my football games. Still, we traveled a lot as family, and my dad was always planning our next family trip. I benefited from traveling as a kid, and that helped me in my career as a road warrior, and it’s also what I love to bring to our customers at TripActions.

  • Brandon B., Director of Enterprise Sales

On being in this together…

We may have had to stay apart for a while this spring, but this shared experience has led to more personal connections, and a shift in our definition of what’s “proper” at work. It was inevitable that our family lives sneaked into our work lives when we were doing it all in the same house or apartment.

In the past, it was taboo to be interrupted by your kid when you were on a call. Now people are totally fine with it, and no one feels embarrassed. Cats walk across your screen, you hear a kid shout in the background… everyone is in the same boat, and we can call it out and make light of it. That breaks the formality of the call and helps make for better connections, even when you’re on a screen.

  • Brandon B., Director of Enterprise Sales

My advice would be to embrace this unique working situation we find ourselves in, and don’t be embarrassed about kids Zoom-bombing your calls, as you will likely find that your colleagues enjoy their presence even more than the kids do.

  • Ian P., Forecasting and Scheduling Analyst

To all the dads out there, we look forward to hearing your favorite dad jokes in person soon. Happy Father’s Day from TripActions.

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