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Compass is our University Program. At TripActions we believe in engaging, developing, and propelling the next generation of leaders. The Compass team works on attracting students from universities through internships and co-ops, as well as hiring recent college graduates. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your passions guiding you to find your “true north” with the support of the TripActions crew.

University program

Our University Programs

The Compass Program offers several opportunities to current students and recent college graduates beginning their careers across roles and functions from sales, engineering, and marketing teams. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your passions guiding you to find your “true north” with the support of the TripActions crew.

Please review our programs below and find the best fit for you:

Internship: 12-week summer internship program offers university students a chance to make an immediate impact through their projects, as well as opportunities to attend an Executive Lunch and Learn series, build their networks, and cultivate a community with fellow interns and colleagues at social and team-building events. Each intern is paired with a mentor and a manager to ensure a smooth, enjoyable journey. 

Co-Op: Co-Operative education allows students the opportunity to work in an industry related field and provides students with professional experience in their field of study and anticipated career choice. 

In place of going to class and for a duration of approximately 6 months students work with TripActions and gain meaningful experience. Co-op students have the opportunity to take a deep dive into projects and contribute to the team. At TripActions we offer Co-op opportunities for engineering students. 

New Grad: Entry level positions are available throughout TripActions across every group. A great opportunity for someone who recently completed their education or is looking for a career change. TripActions most recognizable and consistent entry level positions available are within sales and travel experience. 

Prepare for your interview

We know that interviews can be stressful and especially if we really want the job. We’ve all experienced that at some point. Check out our Candidate Resources page for best practices to help you throughout the interview process.

Intern group of 2022

2022 Intern Cohort

Charlene Ho

"This summer, I truly took on the role of being a full time SDR at TripActions. I was able to unleash my creative side, and figure out what my style of outreach was that maximized success. I am proud to have exceeded the growth SDR ramp quota by 300%, and source a closed-won deal on my first month of the internship. The impact that this internship has had on me will last for the rest of my career. I am going into my final year of college, and feel confident and prepared for the post-grad life already!"

Charlene Ho, Sales Development Intern, Senior at San Jose State

Jake Bullock

"This internship was truly a full-time SDR opportunity. I was given my own patch of over 2,000 accounts to PG into. By utilizing Outreach, Salesforce, ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator I grew familiar with the platforms and found what worked best for me when cold calling my prospects: (CFO’s, VPs/Directors of Finance). TripActions truly was more than I could have ever imagined it to be. To anyone looking to check out the TripActions Compass Internship Program next summer I would highly encourage you to apply."

Jake Bullock, Sales Development Intern, Junior at Chapman University

Daniel Tat

"One thing that was unexpected was how quickly I was given tasks on the product. In other internships, I didn’t really work on the primary product; my work was primarily on separate ‘summer’ projects. It was cool how I was able to come to TripActions and contribute my work so quickly on the product in full."

Daniel Tat, Software Engineering Intern, Senior at Santa Clara University

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