5 Reasons Why Patreon Chose TripActions

Patreon scopes Brex and Ramp, chooses TripActions as its unified corporate card, expense management, and travel solution to empower international scalability.

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A membership platform featuring 200,000-plus artists, Patreon is changing the way art is valued, thanks to its direct connection with 6 million+ active patrons per month. Since its inception in 2013, Patreon has helped creators earn more than $2 billion.

With the company entering a period of hypergrowth and looking to double its workforce to 800 employees across NORAM and EMEA by the end of 2022, Patreon decided a new travel, corporate card, and spend management solution was critical for keeping pace.

We sat down with Senior Director of Financial Operations, Crystal Ryu, a career finance and procurement pro (she’s worked for Postmates, Airbnb, Apple, Sony Pictures, and Mattel), to learn why Patreon chose TripActions over competitors Brex, Abacus, and Ramp.

Real-Time Visibility

“We needed a consistent, global tool that could provide real-time global visibility and financial accuracy. TripActions is simply further ahead with encompassing everything in one global solution,” said Ryu.

International Scalability

“The biggest issue with Brex, Ramp, and other corporate cards we heavily scoped, is that we ran into hard limitations with international scalability…Sure, expanding international functionality is on their roadmap, but TripActions can already do all of that,” Ryu noted.

TripActions Liquid™ Policy Controls

“For me, a unique value proposition was the depth of policy control built into the solution. Liquid has both horizontal and vertical cuts of policy customizations. What I mean by that is, we can customize policy by level and by department, and it can be role-specific. There are so many ways that I can instill policy controls by certain designations, which is how we would want to enforce custom rules,” said Ryu.

"The biggest issue with Brex, Ramp, and other corporate cards we heavily scoped, is that we ran into hard limitations with international scalability."
Crystal Ryu, Senior Director of Financial Operations, Patreon

TripActions Liquid™ Virtual Cards

“Having visibility and control at a vendor-specific level will empower us to automate a good chunk of high-dollar marketing spend like Google Ads so that we aren’t a blocker to media buys. In the past, I was never really comfortable doing this with traditional ACH card programs like Amex or Chase because of the fraud risk. With virtual cards, the risk is reduced because a unique card can be created for each supplier,” said Ryu.


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