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Anaplan Bets on the Future With TripActions — and Wins

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A leader in their industry, Anaplan helps historically siloed organizations with multi-functional data-driven planning and partnered with TripActions to support similarly informed decision-making for their global travel program.

Sarah Toomey, Head of Procurement at Anaplan, explains how their journey evolved out of their company mission. “I would say our biggest challenge has been lack of visibility, so if our core mission is to connect everybody and to make sure we’re making decisions that are data driven, we weren’t doing that from a travel perspective,” Sarah said. “The biggest win is that our Finance team can better plan, and managers can ensure that their teams are spending their travel budget responsibly.”


  • Lack of visibility into travel spend and trends
  • Incomplete data meant inability to negotiate better rates
  • Travelers booking independently with zero transparency

Results with TripActions

  • Near-100% adoption
  • Single source of truth and system of record for travel spend
  • Ability to negotiate air + hotel deals they never would have had otherwise

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Why TripActions

Jeff Kurn, Global Travel Manager at Anaplan, adds additional color: “From a strategic sourcing perspective, we were not able to negotiate with the airlines and hotels because we did not have that infrastructure in place. Travelers themselves were booking independently for the most part, and we didn’t have visibility until we saw their expense reports.”

While Anaplan continued to dominate their industry, one truth was evident — they needed a way to account for one of their largest line items and it was clear it began with taking control of their travel program.

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Live in Less Than 2 Months

With TripActions, Sarah and Jeff got the quick implementation they needed. It took just two months from deal close to full onboarding for their team across the Americas — even with as robust of a tech stack as they had.

“I was not disappointed with our implementation,” said Sarah. “I thought we were off the ground very quickly, everything happened flawlessly, and the experience as a whole seemed fluid. Not only that, but leadership at TripActions was willing to dive in and help us solve problems. We got a great travel program live in a very short amount of time.”

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Real-World Results

“Since bringing on TripActions, we’ve averaged 11 percent savings across all travel,” Jeff said. “I even think this stat is an underestimate. We’re seeing a lot of bookings on rates we never would have seen on other platforms, so true savings is likely much higher than our reported number.” Anaplan can also rest assured they have visibility into their travel program because of the high rate of adoption they see with TripActions.

Through utilizing live reporting data from TripActions, they have created an interactive dashboard in Anaplan that helps manage their T&E investment and gives their managers instant access to track spend against budget, drill down into reporting, and analyze policy compliance. By democratizing access to data, managers and budget owners are even able to add in expected future T&E costs (e.g. conference costs) to determine how that will impact their budget.

Jeff sums it up: “We’re just in a much better place today in terms of how much we’re spending, employee experience, and the ability to negotiate deals. We have deals with airlines and hotels we would have never gotten before because of TripActions.“

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Our travel program has matured and is allowing us to scale more because of TripActions. That has been a huge win.

- Sarah Toomey, Head of Global Procurement, Anaplan

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