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Cost Savings and High Adoption With Hudl Road Warriors

Hudl is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. The company helps improve athletes’ performance by providing tools for coaches and athletes to capture, review, and share game footage. Hudl serves teams at all levels, across a variety of sports. Members of Hudl’s sales team, like James Jamaleldine, travel constantly so they can interact with clients face-to-face.

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For James, travel isn’t just part of the job; it’s vital to success. He is constantly on the road. Most weeks his trips involve visiting multiple clients throughout Europe, often in multiple cities, using multiple modes of transport. He also regularly travels to connect with company sales colleagues. Having to self-manage complex travel—and deal with frequent travel changes—can be overwhelming.


  • Complicated multi-city trips
  • Self-managing travel was time consuming
  • Took focus away from his day to day

Results with TripActions

  • Significantly simplified booking process
  • Incentives earned for savings company money
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 support

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When Managing Travel Overwhelms Your Job

Previously, James slogged through his own travel booking by using a variety of assorted apps for different airlines, hotels, and trains. James found himself having to keep track of different pieces of information for each trip: complex itineraries each with multiple stops in multiple cities, along with various reservation numbers and loyalty accounts.

All this time spent on travel planning took his focus away from what matters most—helping coaches and athletes improve their performance.

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Simplified Booking & Travel Changes

Now that Hudl uses TripActions, James counts on one easy-to-use app for all of his travel management. He says TripActions is so simple, he can plan all of the travel for his upcoming week in just a few minutes from his couch on Sunday night. He sees his flights, hotels, and car rentals right there in one place.

As a road warrior, James knows plans can often change unexpectedly, like when his manager asks him to make another stop before heading home. “Working in sales, changes come up a lot.” It’s a lifesaver to be able to change his itinerary on the fly. In the past, when a change occurred, James would have to pause, check flight availability, and work out the logistics himself. Now, James can contact TripActions for immediate, expert assistance. “Any time of day, any time zone, somebody is there to help me.”

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Booking In Minutes

James likes to dive into new situations. When Hudl made the switch to TripActions, James didn’t wait for instructions; he just opened the app and figured it out. It was so intuitive, he had no questions. In fact, after using it only a short while, he was helping his colleagues. “It’s just really simple.”

Hudl also participates in the TripActions Rewards Program. Every time a traveler saves the company money, the traveler earns a portion of the savings in the form of an Amazon gift card, credits toward personal travel, or business travel upgrades. James sees the TripActions Rewards Program as a great motivator to make decisions—like taking an earlier flight or staying at a different hotel—that saves money for the company.

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Checking in at the Hamburg airport, the self-serve kiosk said my ticket was not valid. The check-in counter had a huge line. But I needed to get on my flight! So I tapped the chat button on the TripActions app, and they helped me right away. The process was a 10 out of 10.

- James Jamaleldine, European Sales, Hudl

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Support When Needed Most

Just recently, TripActions support helped save the day. Because a meeting with clients in Frankfurt ran late, James missed his flight. TripActions was able to quickly find and book James on another flight, which allowed him to make it home by midnight. That way, instead of spending the night at a hotel and receiving a generic wake-up call, he slept in his own bed and experienced his favorite wake-up call: his boys manually prying his eyes open at 6 a.m. and—all because TripActions was able to instantaneously spring into action and provide assistance.

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