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letgo Achieves Global Travel Monitoring with Sky-High Adoption

With more than 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo is the largest and fastest-growing platform to buy and sell locally. As their marketplace continued to grow, so did the size of the letgo team — and their need for a scalable travel platform.
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One of the significant challenges for letgo was finding a travel solution that could scale as their company grew and their travel needs became more complex. David Wieseneck, VP of Finance at letgo, and his team were historically forced to establish policies and procedures that created a less-than-ideal corporate travel experience for letgo employees.

Employees at letgo primarily travel between the company’s two main hubs in Barcelona and New York City. While in-person collaboration was a key contributor to letgo’s positive culture and facilitated better interdepartmental planning, operating in multiple countries with different currencies added an additional layer of reconciliation complexity for letgo’s Finance team. Not only that, but sorting through a mixture of expenses made on centralized corporate cards, team-specific P-Cards, and employees’ personal cards resulted in hours of manual administrative work, bringing the team’s focus away from strategic financial analysis.


  • Scalability for a global team
  • Managing candidate travel
  • Lack of visibility and oversight

Results with TripActions

  • 25% decrease in per traveler spend
  • Nearly 100% user adoption
  • Simpler and faster experience for travelers and admins

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Travel Policy Pain Points

Employees would frequently go to the finance team to ask policy questions and seek approvals, which drew out the booking process and consumed the finance team’s valuable time. The company travel policy was not easy to follow or well known, so employees tended to optimize their trips for personal convenience.

"When we looked at a bunch of different solutions. TripActions was not on our list, actually,” says David. “Near the end when we weren’t happy with ANY solution we were looking at, someone read an article on TechCrunch and said, ‘Let’s put this on our list.’ As it turned out, TripActions had all of our ‘must-haves’ and a bunch of the ‘nice-to-haves.’”

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Nearly 100% User Adoption

The company quickly found that the ease of use of TripActions and subsequent high user adoption provided visibility into what travelers were booking. David was immediately impressed with the ease of onboarding TripActions — just a few hours spread over a couple of days. After testing bookings with a few employees, other travelers chimed in and were eager to get access of their own. That strong initial interest eventually led to sky-high adoption across letgo. “We all know about software that just sits on the shelf,” said David. “We don’t have that problem with TripActions — we have a near 100% adoption rate, which is unheard of for any enterprise tool, let alone travel software.”

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95% Automated Reconciliation

The finance team also reaps the benefits of an end-to-end travel and payments solution. After rolling out TripActions Liquid, reconciliation takes David’s team just 10 minutes. “The physical TripActions Liquid cards will completely solve the issue of employees having to pay for certain hotels upon checkout as well as the challenges of out-of-pocket expenses,” David said. “This will bring 95% of our travel spend through TripActions Liquid which means that 95% of our reconciliation will be done for us automatically.”

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For us, the return on investment for TripActions is not just the monetary savings that we've realized, but also the ease of use and the happiness of our employees, being able to use a platform, an app that allows them to travel without really having any difficulties.

- David Wieseneck, VP of Finance, letgo

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