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TripActions Support 'Moves Mountains' for Lookout Travelers

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With over ten years in business, Lookout’s mobile security products help protect millions of users that include major corporations and government agencies. While booking travel across their eight offices worldwide was demanding enough, Lookout had also been using an outdated corporate travel system. The frustrating platform left employees with a limited inventory of booking options and a lacking customer service experience, riddled with errors.

“When it comes to travel, you can’t have mistakes,” says Aline Biasini, Manager of Executive Administration at Lookout. “Everything was a frustrating experience, and everyone knew we needed something better… to get us into the now.”

Management worried about the change to a new travel program, but by late 2016, agreed with Biasini’s administrative team that they needed a fix for their frustrated employees. When she met with TripActions, Biasini instantly knew it was the way forward.


  • Lack of helpful, skilled customer service for administrators
  • Clunky, out-of-date booking and travel management tools
  • Error-prone booking process

Results with TripActions

  • Notable savings they can see with real-time reports on their administrative dashboard
  • Company wide implementation without a costly adoption period
  • High satisfaction with 24/7 ultra-proactive traveler support

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A Seamless Transition

Adopting the user-friendly solution would be an easy transition, and TripAction’s innovative energy was a “breath of fresh air” for Lookout. Plus, employees would get the wide variety of inventory they wanted, with TripActions’s combined offering of corporate travel options and discounted content from consumer sites via partnerships with Expedia and Priceline.

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Incentivizing Better Spending Habits

After showing management how TripActions reduces costs through dynamic policy, the TripActions Rewards program which incentivizes responsible spending and an expansive inventory selection their travelers were asking for, Biasini’s team got the greenlight. ”The amount of money we’re able to save using TripActions just makes sense,” says Biasini. “Especially since it’s easier to use and overall, just a better package.” Over a single weekend, TripActions was set up and ready to use. With a simple email to employees, Lookout alerted them that they finally had a better travel solution.

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A Relationship That Makes a Difference

Immediately, employees were giving positive feedback about the change to a single, seamless experience thatincluded easy booking, earning rewards, and support like TripActions’s 24/7 chat service. Biasini adds that management also loved that they could book and change their own travel without the pain of a long phone call, and appreciated how easily they could access employee travel data and get simplified views of company spending and savings. “It was so much easier for our employees and saved the company money,” she says. “[We] can actually see these numbers improve on our TripActions Administrative Dashboard.”

Biasini also emphasizes how valuable Lookout has found TripActions’s 24/7 chat and phone support services. From agents who proactively reach out to help travelers on the road, to knowledgeable customer service that will “move mountains” to find solutions to issues, it’s the personalized communication between the companies that has struck Biasini and her team. “We’ve never had this type of relationship with [other travel solutions],” she says. ”We appreciate that we can always reach out and TripActions always listens. We’re super happy.”

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The amount of money we’re able to save using TripActions just makes sense. Especially since it’s easier to use and overall, just a better package.

- Aline Biasini, Manager of Executive Administration, Lookout

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