SmartRecruiters Travels Around the World Safely

To get full visibility into their travel spend, SmartRecruiters leveraged TripActions T&E platform to cut costs while also boosting traveler adoption.

With user experience as their number one goal, SmartRecruiters’ finance team knew they needed technology that employees actually wanted to use while also saving the company money.

Growing fast and expanding internationally, SmartRecruiters needed a travel management solution with a positive user experience to bring their unmanaged travel program onto a platform that employees would actually want to use. They chose TripActions.

  • Fragmented travel spend data
  • Ad hoc tracking and reporting
  • Limited global support for employees
Results with TripActions
  • 90%+ traveler adoption
  • 14% net savings
  • Full visibility into spend
  • Traveler safety tools for international travel

Acknowledging the Challenges

As head of controlling, Daniel Węgrzyn is responsible for putting together T&E strategy, policies, metrics, and guidelines for SmartRecruiters. Daniel’s department struggled with their unstructured approach to business travel, which made it difficult to intelligently set department budgets.

“Prior to TripActions, we were completely unmanaged,” Daniel explained. “We were trying to build a culture of fiscal responsibility, but there was a total lack of insight into our company travel. Employees should be traveling in a smart way and essentially treat their business travel like personal travel, but we had no point of reference or analytics to evaluate our travel trends.”

To get full visibility into their travel spend, SmartRecruiters wanted a travel partner that emphasized both user experience and administrative control to cut down costs while also boosting traveler adoption.

“When we chose TripActions, one of the deciding factors was the rapid innovation and technology-startup environment that mirrors SmartRecruiters’ culture. A culture of innovation and rapid iteration meant that our travel provider would truly understand our needs and evolve over time alongside us,” Daniel shared.

Full Visibility

“As a global team, we were using different tools in different countries, and it was challenging to take fragmented data and then aggregate it at the local level,” Daniel explained. ”Now, thanks to TripActions, we have everyone under the same platform, giving us significantly more visibility. We can compare different cost centers.”

Global Travel Agent Support

SmartRecruiters’ travelers also now enjoy a seamless travel support experience. “The high-level feedback from our team is that TripActions support is simply amazing. The agents help employees spend less time on booking so they can focus on their jobs,” Daniel said, before sharing how TripActions helped his company during COVID-19.

“Since a lot of our team is based in other countries, it’s really important that we have travel support available to us wherever our employees are, at any time they need it. The excellent customer support we’ve received is the #1 reason why I’d recommend TripActions for business travel.”
Daniel Węgrzyn, Head of Controlling, SmartRecruiters

Supporting Duty of Care

“LOT Polish Airlines stopped all international flights and there was almost no way to reach the airline. You had to wait three to four hours at least if you needed to cancel or request a change. Having someone who can do this for you has been an incredible time saver for us. We’ve also been taking advantage of the new duty of care tools that TripActions just released. We’ve had to issue mass cancellations and it was way easier than I could have imagined. TripActions saved a lot of stress and headache for me and my team.”


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