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EMJ Nets 9% Savings With TripActions Liquid™

EMJ uses TripActions Liquid to pay for 99% of employee expenses, gaining real-time spend visibility and 100% employee adoption of the Liquid mobile app.

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Founded in 1968, EMJ is a commercial general contractor with national reach and local presence. It has diverse experience in many sectors, thousands of partnerships across the country, and numerous repeat customers.

Its mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to clients, partners, and colleagues. Its clients drive its decisions and the EMJ team is there every step of the way to remove pain points and deliver an exceptional experience.

In other words, this is a company that can’t afford inefficiencies. Thankfully, its switch to TripActions has streamlined its process for managing travel, corporate cards and expense, saved time and money, and even incentivized employees.


  • Disjointed travel and expense solution
  • Outdated and poor user experience (UX)
  • 45 days to receive reports
  • No policy enforcement; free-for-all bookings

Results with TripActions

  • Unified travel, corporate card, and expense management solution
  • Real-time visibility
  • 30–35% savings on hotels
  • 100% adoption of TripActions Liquid mobile app

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The TripActions Liquid Advantage

Today, 99% of employee expenses are paid with TripActions Liquid smart corporate cards. Roughly 72% of those expenses are placed on physical cards by [employees] in the field, while the remaining 28%, like software, utilities on job sites, and travel bookings, are paid via TripActions Liquid virtual cards.

As a result, the company “takes advantage of the Liquid rebate and pays vendors more quickly,” according to Ashley Hagaman, an accounting manager at EMJ.

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Cost Savings

“With Amazon rewards, employees have some skin in the game to save the company money, and if we had not switched to TripActions, we would have continued spending more on hotels,” said Hagaman. In fact, since switching to TripActions, EMJ has saved 30–35% on hotels and 9% on total bookings.

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Personal Travel Perks

“The times that I've booked flights for personal travel, it was cheaper than it was on any other travel site,” Hagaman said. “TripActions Lemonade is very user-friendly, and its rates are better than anywhere else I checked.” In addition, the support alone is worth booking on Lemonade. If a traveler’s flight gets canceled or they need a hotel room immediately while traveling anywhere on the planet, TripActions’ instant, always-on support has them covered.

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It’s so much better than anything else we've ever looked into. I love that everything is in one place for accounting. The customer service is fantastic. It’s been a great experience.

- Ashley Hagaman, Accounting Manager, EMJ Corporation

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