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Delivering a Win-Win for Memjet’s Global Organization

After trying other corporate travel management solutions, Memjet employees finally have the flexibility and freedom they want with TripActions, while executive leadership gets the visibility and internal controls they need.

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It all started with a 2017 New York Times article about the differences between business and leisure travel. This story caught the eye of Ben Olson, CFO of printing technology company Memjet — particularly the idea of incentivizing business travelers to make choices that save company money. This was still a fairly new concept and one that only a select few players in the space were exploring, with TripActions leading the pack.

Travel has always been an important part of Memjet’s business operations both internally and externally. As the CFO of a global organization, a lot of key stakeholders around the world rely on Ben to drive their financial strategy. Additionally, many of their customers are manufacturers and work closely with Memjet to develop their competitive solutions.


  • Lack of visibility & control
  • Employee dissatisfaction with previous TMCs
  • High volume of international travel; difficult to report on
  • Needed around the clock coverage for a global workforce

Results with TripActions

  • Employees spending 21% below average daily hotel policy cap
  • 20% hotel savings
  • Huge improvement in adoption compared to prior TMC
  • Price parity for global inventory

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Other TMC’s Were Too Restrictive

Due to the high volume of international travel, Ben and the Memjet team knew they needed to establish a corporate travel program to track and manage travel spend, which ended up being one of their main discretionary spend items. From an employee experience perspective, leadership wanted to provide employees sufficient freedom and flexibility for their travel, but a fully unmanaged program lacked their required level of visibility and control.

Memjet’s previous attempts at formalizing their travel program resulted in experiences that left the organization hesitant to trust another TMC. “We tried to launch a different travel management solution, but it didn’t work out well at all,” said Angela Marinello, Sr. Human Resources Representative and Office Manager at Memjet. “The tool was not user-friendly and did damage in convincing employees that a central system was a better way to book travel.”

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Better Employee Experience = High Adoption

“We’ve tried centralized corporate travel programs before, but always found them too restrictive,” Ben added. “We’d implement a tool that enforced a set of rules, or have people book through a specific agency, but then they wouldn’t always find the best pricing or have the best experience."

With TripActions, Ben and Angela were finally able to get the adoption they needed. “With the broad inventory offered on TripActions, it’s super rare for our people to find external examples that are meaningfully cheaper, which was much more common with our old TMC,” said Ben. “Plus, with rewards, they can make choices that save money for the company and also get to share in these positive choices.”

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A Stronger, More Aligned Outcome

Today, Memjet has grown to numerous cities around the world, including Dublin, Singapore, and Sydney. To manage spend across so many locations, Finance is able to pull reports that have become critical components of their budgeting and benchmarking process.

“Prior to TripActions we had to perform a lot of manual administration to generate reports that tracked our spending,” Ben said. “Nowadays, as we go in to talk about travel budget for the next year, we can see how we’re spending our money, down to each employee. TripActions gives us better visibility for a more informed conversation when we’re evaluating budgets and has resulted in a stronger, more aligned outcome.”

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With TripActions we’ve seen a huge improvement in adoption from the last time we tried to implement a travel management platform. Our travel is a lot more self sufficient with TripActions than it was before.

- Angela Marinello, Sr. Human Resources Representative and Office Manager, Memjet

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