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TripActions Frees Up Bystronic’s Time for Customers

Bystronic gets more time for customers since switching to TripActions from a bifurcated Amex GBT/SAP Concur solution for travel and expense (T&E).

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In the industrial machinery and equipment industry, time is money. Bystronic understands this equation intimately: It manufactures machines that automate the cutting and bending of sheet metal to help its customers optimize production lines.

The simple logic and value around automation and efficiency is why Bystronic chose TripActions as its all-in-one travel, expense, and corporate card solution.

“We needed a solution that could integrate with our systems more efficiently, and one that is also user-friendly,” said Luiz Antonio Grisard, Bystronic’s regional vice president for human resources and legal affairs. He noted that Bystronic’s previous expense solution, SAP Concur, was too complicated. “Employees spent too much time building expense reports rather than servicing customers,” he said.


  • Poor reporting
  • Poor customer service
  • Disparate systems
  • Manual expense workflow

Results with TripActions

  • 6% net savings on all travel bookings
  • 95% policy compliance for all travel bookings
  • 91% mobile app adoption
  • 96% customer satisfaction for customer support

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Maximizing Efficiencies

With 98% of Bystronic’s expenses now paid using TripActions Liquid™ smart cards, not only are employees saved the burden of paying out of pocket, but transactions are also automatically approved, flagged, declined, mapped to the general ledger, and reimbursed.

“The end-to-end was the solution we were looking for...specifically for us to be able to spend less time on the manual transactions and the corrections and just have everything move seamlessly from one place to the other,” said Grisard.

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Cost Savings

Compared to its previous solution, Bystronic has saved 6% on all travel bookings thanks to smarter policy controls combined with TripActions’ expanded inventory and the TripActions rewards program.

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Today, I can tell you that any employee can complete their expense report in 1-2 clicks. That’s exactly what we wanted. Now, employees can get on with their jobs,

- Luiz Antonio Grisard, Regional Vice President for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Bystronic

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