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TripActions Simplifies Travel, Recruiting, and Duty of Care for Box

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With headquarters in the Bay Area and offices throughout Europe, Japan, and the U.S., Boxers are often on the go. In 2017, Box was selecting a new travel management company (TMC), and commensurate with its philosophy of putting users at the center of everything it does, Box prioritized the user experience above all else when making its selection. With TripActions, Box has ensured a seamless UI for its employees, simplified spend forecasting, and ensured duty of care for employees traveling in uncertain times.

Travel and Accommodation Made Easy with TripActions

TripActions has made it easy for Boxers to secure the travel options and accommodation they need, rather than skirting their corporate travel program in favor of the familiar. “One thing my team does is support Boxers’ — our employees’ — travel,” said Ritu Varma, Senior Director of Treasury and Shared Services at Box. “For example, how can we make it seamless for users to book their travel? And that’s where TripActions comes in.”

Because Boxers are all booking through the same travel platform, there’s a single place to access and manage the Boxers’ travel plans. With greater visibility into current and upcoming travel and accommodation, supporting on-the-go travelers is a non-issue. TripActions brought a one-stop-shop employee travel solution that makes it easy to ensure duty of care and simplifies the reporting process.

Plug-and-Play Solution

With TripActions, Box doesn’t require in-house resources to support the partnership. “We love that we don’t need a dedicated employee resource to support TripActions,” said Ritu. Implementing TripActions has enabled Box to free up internal resources from the need to manage its TMC. “We don’t have to spend IT resources or my team’s resources because TripActions is so easy to use and manage, and TripActions fully supports us. That’s business cost savings right there,” Ritu said.

And Boxers can independently manage their travel plans through TripActions’ industry-leading self-serve options in the app, or reach out to TripActions’ 24/7 365 global travel agents for support. “They don’t need to come to me to change their travel plans. They don’t need to go to the TripActions admin at Box. They can just chat with the TripActions travel agents, who are always available,” Ritu added.

Seamless Recruiting with Guest Invites

Ritu’s team isn’t the only one using TripActions at Box. The People Team streamlines employee onboarding and offboarding with the Workday-TripActions integration, which automatically adds or removes Boxers as they come or go. When aiding could-be Boxers to arrange travel, Box’s People Team relies on the guest invite feature. “The Recruiting team really likes the TripActions guest invites,” said Ritu “It’s very user friendly, and our Recruiting team is able to grant interviewees access to TripActions to book hotel or airfare according to our policies.”

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Access to Data on Demand

TripActions has made forecasting travel spend easier, too. Box’s Strategic Planning & Analysis team relies on the platform’s dashboard to plan for travel spend and anticipate reimbursement. “SP&A can see when people are booking travel, hotels, and airfare, which helps it forecast,” said Ritu. “The travel might not happen for two months, but we know that spend is coming.”

The SP&A team then shares that information on who is traveling where, when, and at what cost with executive management. “Whether it’s sales, marketing, or go-to-market, no one is taken by surprise because they’re anticipating that spend,” Ritu said. “It’s much easier to get that data.”

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Proactive Approach to Duty of Care

When the pandemic hit, Box created a COVID Council to keep Boxers safe and operations running. “I was part of that team from the travel side,” Ritu said. “We had to know which Boxers were traveling and what trips had been booked.”

With Boxers traveling domestically and internationally, Ritu needed access to this information on the local, state, and global levels. “Different governments were enforcing different degrees of travel restrictions, so we needed to know what was permitted, and that’s where the TripActions COVID dashboard was very helpful,” Ritu said. Through the dashboard and with its Live Traveler Map, Ritu was able to pull the information Box needed to keep its traveling Boxers safe as the pandemic unfolded. “On the internal Box council, our number one priority was keeping our traveling Boxers safe, and TripActions was key to that,” Ritu said.

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Our partnership with TripActions allows Boxers around the globe to use one platform to book all their travel. We know who is traveling, where they’re traveling, and if disaster happens, we know how to get to them.

- Ritu Varma, Senior Director, Treasury and Shared Services, box

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3 Years Later, Box Is as Happy as Ever

With just over three years of partnership with TripActions, Box is as pleased with the solution today as it was on day one. “I’m happy with the solution, and I know the Boxers are happy,” said Ritu. The core features and functionality which attracted Box to TripActions is a big part of what Ritu still loves about the travel platform. “Initially what drew us to TripActions was the UI, the ease of use of the tool for the Boxers, and the ease of accessing data. That was really key and it still is.” Duty of care has also proven to be a vital component. “Looking at risk, knowing where our Boxers are from a security point of view — especially in this environment — that’s so important to us, and we didn’t have that capability before TripActions,” said Ritu.

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