Guide to Managing Corporate Travel Costs

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Why an Unmanaged Travel Program Doesn't Scale

Many businesses still ask their employees to book corporate travel the same way they’d book a personal vacation and expense it later. The trouble with this approach is lack of spend visibility for management and non-compliance with company policies. A managed travel platform, like TripActions, combines the ease of booking on consumer travel sites with the enterprise grade tracking your business requires.

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Managing Corporate Travel 101: Cost

Managing travel is ultimately about managing the bottom line. Travel management companies (TMCs), like TripActions, have unparalleled access to the lowest fares and rates. This means your employees can save far more money using booking on TripActions than through consumer websites, and the savings start to add up from day one.

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Management Controls & Visibility

Are your travelers booking out of policy or choosing more expensive fares when you know cheaper ones exist? Stay ahead by setting appropriate corporate travel controls and policies. A TMC allows managers to approve trips before final booking so costs can be assessed before instead of after the trip.

Establish a travel policy booking product screen

Establish a Travel Policy

A corporate travel policy is an important set of guidelines for travelers that cover “end-to-end” travel. Consider what class of service your travelers can choose, per diem rates once they are there, and how to handle expense reporting after the trip. TripActions features powerful tools for every stage of the business trip.

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Safety & Security

Travel can sometimes be risky. Your business loses key visibility into a traveling employee’s current location when they book their own travel outside of a TMC. And should the worst happen, suddenly you have an employee you can’t account for. Avoid this scenario by utilizing a managed travel platform like TripActions.

We have evolved from where we were to now having a tool that's really helping to save the company money, and a lot of people like to use.”

- Mark Ketcham, VP of Operations, Hudl

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