The best experience in business travel

TripActions is the business travel platform of choice for both the traveler and the enterprise. With personalization backed by AI and machine learning, unrivaled choice in inventory, and global proactive support for just the right amount of human touch, our customers see the highest adoption rates. As a result, travel managers enjoy complete visibility into spend, compliance and overall performance of their travel program.

The future of business travel, now arriving

  • Build and manage the travel program of your dreams with fast and easy onboarding, robust reporting, and complete visibility into travel spend and duty of care. Learn more
  • Drive adoption with the best experience in business travel, from unrivaled choice in inventory and a travel agent in your pocket, to personalization backed by AI and machine learning. Learn more
  • Keep your travelers safe and happy on the road, wherever they’re headed, with instant access to our dedicated team of global travel support experts just a tap, click or call away. Learn more
  • Optimize spend with sophisticated policy management features that give you better control and visibility into compliance while giving your travelers clear visibility into what’s in or out of policy. Learn more
  • Maximize savings with instant access to exclusive airline, hotel and rental car rates and innovative traveler rewards that encourage employees to spend company money as if their own. Learn more

Let’s disrupt travel management and reinvent your road warriors’ travel experience together!

Leading companies of all sizes, industries and geographies love and trust TripActions

By providing their road warriors with a best-in-class corporate travel experience, customers like Dropbox, Lyft, WeWork and Sara Lee Frozen Bakery see more than 90% adoption – and as a result, they are more cost-effective as a business, see greater compliance with travel policy, and can rest assured that their duty of care obligations are met.

Procore Customer Story
“We selected TripActions for customer service capabilities, flexible accommodations for our unique set of travel policies, and its user-first experience, which leads to high adoption rates (and savings!).”
– Omar Ghani, Group Procurement Manager, Lyft

Everything you need to build, manage and measure a high performance travel program

We’re not just a booking tool – we’re an innovative platform for booking, managing and measuring the success of your business travel program. In addition to software, we’re a travel agency with world-class support and travel services all in one place. Flexible enough to handle all of your organizations’ unique needs, TripActions gives travel managers full visibility into spend, savings, compliance and duty of care. Setup of even the most sophisticated travel program is quick and easy with TripActions and with access to a live traveler map, you’ll rest assured knowing where your travelers are headed, if they’re en route, and when they have arrived safely at their destinations.

Graphic - Manage your travel program with TripActions

The best experience in business travel, powered by cutting edge technology

With an intuitive UI that presents company policy together with a rich level of detail about diverse options for easy comparison, travelers have everything they need to book and manage their own travel in minutes. Users get access to an unrivaled inventory of flights, hotels and ground transportation all around the world and enjoy a highly personalized booking experience backed by AI and machine learning. TripActions takes into consideration each traveler’s preferences together with your organization’s travel policy, eliminating both the need to shop around and concerns about compliance.

Graphic - TripActions provides business travelers with a highly personalized booking experience.

Around-the-clock support from our travel experts is just a tap, click or call away

Available 24/7 365 over chat, email and phone, our global travel experts are proactively monitoring each step in your travelers’ journey – they’re always one step ahead in the itinerary, ready to address everything from delays to early check-ins. With a response time of less than 1 minute and more than 90% traveler satisfaction, we strive for just the right amount of human touch combined with all of the features a traveler might need to take matters into their own hands, at home or on the go.

Graphic - TripActions provides travelers with 24/7 365 chat support.

Complete control and visibility into compliance and overall travel spend

Setting up even the most sophisticated travel policy is made quick and easy through TripActions’ self-serve capabilities and our dedicated team of industry experts on stand by to lend a hand. Built-in dashboards and custom reports are fitted to the needs of each organization, making it easy to keep an eye on travel spend and trends across categories, departments and individual travelers right from your admin dashboard. Policy is presented clearly throughout the booking experience, so your travelers are always informed without having to revisit policy documentation.

Graphic - TripActions makes it easy to manage travel costs through built-in dashboards and custom reports.

Increase savings through exclusive deals and traveler rewards

Sourced directly from our unrivaled network of inventory, partners and popular consumer sites, travelers have access to everything they need to quickly and easily book a trip that suits their needs in minutes – and that doesn’t break the bank. Users are presented with exclusive deals and you can incentivize your employees to shop responsibly by extending them a share in the savings. Activating our innovative traveler rewards program typically saves companies more than 30% on hotel spend.

Graphic - TripActions gives users an unrivaled inventory of flights.
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