Discover how TripActions started – straight from our founders.

What was the inspiration for TripActions?

Over the years, we’ve traveled for fun and we’ve traveled for business. With every trip, we noticed how much simpler it was to book travel as a consumer. Booking through corporate was a major headache.

Priority #1: Modernize how corporate travel is booked

Corporate travel is one of the few industries that has not undergone any meaningful transformation, technical or otherwise. As business travelers and road warriors ourselves, we knew that the existing infrastructure is simply not delivering the ease of use that we’ve all grown accustomed to in other areas of our lives. TripAction’s first priority was to modernize corporate travel with fully mobile booking, live itineraries and 24/7 phone support.

Priority #2: Reshape traveler habits using rewards and psychology

When it comes to booking travel, there’s a basic misalignment of interests between the employees and the company. Travelers simply don’t have a personal incentive to be cost conscious. But, instead of creating another top-down system that added more restrictions and tighter policies, we looked to behavioral science (the study of how humans really make decisions) for a more positive solution. Why this focus on positive? We know that CFOs and executives also care about their employees. They wouldn’t want to cut travel costs by compromising their business travelers’ experience.

Today, TripActions is unique in using behavioral science to empower better choices.

Every time someone saves the company money, they earn TripBucks that can be used for personal trips or upgrades. CFOs and employees alike are realizing how effective personal incentives are in reshaping booking behavior. CFOs can track real-time savings and business travelers can make choices that benefit themselves and the company.

By getting people excited about doing the right thing, we’re aligning individual and company interests.

Some would call it win/win.

We’re helping companies and their people feel better about booking smarter. It’s amazing how much companies can achieve when everyone is moving in the same direction.

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