TripActions + Google

Google Calendar Integration and SSO for TripActions

Google’s G Suite of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools is widely-used across organizations of all shapes and sizes. Google Calendar helps individuals stay organized and make the most of every day, plus Google’s SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) application allows users to sign in to all their enterprise cloud applications using their managed Google account credentials, thus increasing efficiency while maintaining high levels of maintaining high levels of security.

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TripActions + Google Calendar

The TripActions integration with Google Calendar keeps business travel moving smoothly by adding travel events booked in TripActions into the traveler’s Google Calendar. After giving TripActions access to their Google Calendar, users experience the following:

  • All future trips booked in TripActions will automatically sync to the traveler’s Google Calendar and be kept up-to-date, even if travel plans change.
  • Travelers will enjoy detailed trip information in the Google Calendar events such as layover schedule, gate information, car rental return information, and more.

TripActions + Google SSO

Google single sign-on (SSO) lets all users sign in to TripActions using their Google accounts, helping to maintain efficiency while significantly increasing the security of user data. Administrators can enable Google SSO while setting up TripActions or any time afterwards. After enabling Google SSO administrators have the option to mandate that users must use SSO in order to sign in with TripActions.

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