TripActions Major Product Releases - Q3

In the third quarter of 2022, TripActions launched features to help customers make the most of their in-person experiences. From transparent reporting to expedited reimbursements, TripActions has been laser-focused on making the travel and expense processes easier for both admins and travelers.

Travel Program Management

Decrease carbon emissions with traveler-focused education during the flight shopping process.

Carbon Emissions in Booking Flow

Decrease carbon emissions with traveler-focused education during the flight shopping process. Travelers will be able to see:

  • CO2 per flight surfaced

  • Emissions relative to other flight options

  • Education on carbon emissions

This data will empower travelers to make the optimal booking choice for themselves by also incorporating carbon impact in the decision process. This feature will be live for all travelers in October!

Hotel shopping experience is streamlined on the hotels details page.

New Business Value Rate

TripActions now has access to Expedia Business Rates, which are labeled in search as “Business value rate.” These discounted rates are exclusive rates with business-friendly amenity inclusions, such as Wi-Fi and breakfast with a possibility to earn loyalty points as well in some properties.

Label: Business value rate

Description: Competitive rate that prioritizes business-friendly amenities.

Group Meetings & Events

Create and manage events in just a few clicks with TripActions

Enhanced Groups Management Capabilities

What is it?

It’s now possible to book more people with the TripActions Team Travel tool. TripActions Team Travel empowers event managers and team leaders to create and manage events in just a few clicks. The suite of features offers users a seamless self-serve experience and gives companies enhanced visibility over their group travel activity. The latest enhancements to the tool aim to give event organizers additional controls while also increasing the maximum number of participants to 50!

What's new?
  • Improved accuracy: the budget estimate tool has been rebuilt in order to provide a faster, more accurate prediction of total costs when creating an event

  • Increased capacity: event managers and team leaders can now invite up to 50 participants to events created via Team Travel

  • Additional control: organizers can now set up stricter travel windows around an event within which the attendees are allowed to book travel - making sure they always arrive on time while also traveling within a reasonable timeframe to and from the event

How do you enable these features?

These features are automatically enabled and available to all users who are granted access to Team Travel by their admins. Learn how to get started here.

Access all your team events from the Events Page

Events Page

What is it?

The Events Page is a new hub that’s accessible directly from the TripActions homescreen, for event organizers to see all the events they have created via Team Travel. Think of it as the Trips section, but for event organizers to view and manage their team events more efficiently.

  • Get a high-level overview of all your past, present, and future team events along with booking status and total costs

  • Easily search for events and access an event’s manager dashboard for more information

  • Create, edit, delete, or cancel events in just a few clicks

How do you enable this feature?

The Events Page is enabled for all employees with permission to create events - and will show all the events they have created via Team Travel.

Expense Management

Quickly reimburse employees in their local currencies

Global Direct Reimbursements

What is it?

The waiting game for payroll reimbursements is over. Now, employees can get paid for out-of-pocket expenses in their local currency with TripActions' new global direct reimbursements. 

Users simply need to link their personal bank account in TripActions Liquid, and they’ll receive reimbursements in their local currency in fewer than two days.

  • Reimburse employees for out-of-pocket spend directly into their personal bank accounts in fewer than two days

  • Get reimbursed in 45 countries and 30 local currencies

  • Eliminate manual processes required for paying employees back via payroll

How do you enable this feature?

Check out this Community article for details on how to link your personal bank account in TripActions Liquid.

Automatically pay your TripActions Liquid statements with Direct Debit

Direct Debit Payments - Europe

What is it?

EUR and GBP issuing customers can now automatically pay their TripActions Liquid statements via direct debit, saving customers time by eliminating the manual process of paying their statements by bank transfer. 

TripActions now supports SEPA and BACS debits that will allow EUR and GBP issuing customers of TripActions Liquid to link their bank accounts in TripActions Liquid.

TripActions will be able to automatically pull from the customer’s bank account directly for the amount that is due on each statement.

  • Save time by automatically paying your Liquid statement by BACS Direct Debit

  • Minimize risk and errors in the payments (e.g. destination, amount) 

  • Accurate and faster reconciliation

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