TripActions Major Product Releases in Q2 2021

New product features you’ll find below

In Q3 2021 TripActions expanded its VIP and Meetings and Events services through its partnership with Reed and Mackay, streamlined purchase and virtual card processes, developed hotel promotion tools, and added a new partnership to help companies reduce their travel-based carbon footprint.

In this guide you’ll see some of the incredible new services and features available right now.

New Return to Travel Features

Product screenshot of my trips on mobile

Health Passport

What is it?

Travelers can quickly upload and manage any health documents to the TripActions Health Passport. This information is securely stored and available only to the traveler.


  • Easily manage any health documents within the TripActions app

  • Upload vaccine and negative COVID-19 test results

How do you enable this feature?

  • Automatically enabled

Product screenshot of covid-19 restrictions on mobile

Automated COVID-19 change notifications

What is it?

Travelers now have access to automated notifications, designed to alert travelers when destination-specific restrictions change between booking date and the end of the user's trip.


  • Stay up to date with the latest destination specific travel information

  • Passively monitor any changing travel restrictions

  • Read and review entry requirements that may have changed between booking and departure

How do you enable this feature?

  • Travelers can opt in for notifications at checkout

New Travel Savings Features

Product screenshot of airplane seat selection

Soft Dollar Automation

What is it?

We automated the process of applying soft dollars to change fees and paid seats with United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.


  • No more manual soft dollar management

  • Reduce air spend with less soft dollar waste

How do you enable this feature?

  • Ensure you have soft dollar funds available

  • Give TripActions access

  • Reach out to your CSM about getting enabled

Product screenshot of company credits modal

Unused Ticket Name Change

What is it?

The ability to move unused tickets from an ex-employee or guest to any current traveler. We’ll automatically apply this credit to any new booking when possible.


  • Avoid the complexity of moving unused tickets between employees

  • Be confident that all your credit will get used

  • Save time managing unused credits

How do you enable this feature?

  • Ask your CSM about what airlines are participating and if you need a corporate discount or loyalty agreement with that airline.

  • Then submit unused ticket details and we’ll take care of the rest.

New Team Travel Feature

Product screenshot of team travel interface

Team Travel Solution

What is it?

TripActions Team Travel empowers meeting and event organizers to create in-person group meetings in just a few clicks. The feature offers users a seamless self-serve experience and provides enhanced financial and duty-of-care visibility for managers. It’s now easier to strengthen internal collaboration by bringing teams together safely and easily.


  • Create and customize meetings and events for up to 20 people in just a few clicks

  • Estimate meeting and event budgets

  • Invite and guide travelers through the entire booking process

How do you enable this feature?

  • Team Travel is visible to all but only admins and managers can create events

  • Regular travelers can be granted permission to create events

  • Team Travel can be found on the home page as a dedicated tab

New Sustainability Features

Product screenshot of CO2 calculation methods

Carbon Calculator

What is it?

Report your company's carbon emissions using your choice of industry-leading methodologies: DEFRA, ICAO, and TREMOD.


  • Freedom of choice for carbon emissions reporting

  • Use unique calculation methodologies for each mode of transportation: Flight, Hotel, Train, Car

How do you enable this feature?

  • Auto enabled, modifiable in the TripActions dashboard → Settings

Product screenshot of CO2 emissions data

Carbon Budgeting

What is it?

Build annual carbon budgets and ensure your company meets its sustainability goals.


  • Create a yearly budget and build plans to reduce your company’s carbon footprint

  • Manage carbon offset cost expectations

How do you enable this feature?

  • Automatically enabled for all clients

Product screenshot of CO2 emissions breakdown

CO² Emissions Dashboard

What is it?

Analyze each employees, departments, and travel types emissions with real-time data accessible directly in the TripActions Analytics dashboard.


  • Analyze your company’s emissions with detailed, real-time insights

  • Identify top carbon spenders on an individual or department basis

  • Create a plan for carbon reduction

How do you enable this feature?

  • Automatically enabled for all clients

New TripActions Liquid™ Features

Product screenshot of bank account linking

EUR Reimbursements

What is it?

Employees can now connect their European bank account (via SEPA) to receive reimbursements for approved manual transactions.


  • Allows employees to get reimbursed in EUR via a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfer

  • Get paid back swiftly for all manually submitted expenses (typically 1-2 business days)

How do you enable this feature?

  • Employees can link their bank account within the “Profile” tab in their TripActions Liquid mobile app

Product screenshot of credit card authorization features

Credit Card Authorization (CCAs)

What is it?

Admins may issue a credit card authorization (CCA) form to authorize payments on the company’s TripAction Liquid virtual card when travelers book pay-later hotels.


  • Automate CCA delivery

  • Cover the cost of pay-later hotels

  • Support travelers with a seamless check-in process

How do you enable this feature?

  • TripActions needs to access the control panel to enable CCAs for admins.

Product screenshot of manual transactions interface

On-Demand Payroll Reimbursement Reports

What is it?

Admins can view and pull reports about transactions that are pending payroll reimbursements at any time.


  • Give admins and users visibility into if and when a manual expense has been, or will be, reimbursed via payroll

  • Accelerate reimbursements to employees without a connected bank account

How do you enable this feature?

  • Admins can view transactions that either “Requires payroll reimbursement” or has been paid out under “Payroll Reimbursement” in the “Transactions” tab

TripActions is helping you return to travel safely, save on costs and operate more sustainably.

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