Returning to the office—likely one where much has changed—is just one of the challenges for today’s travel manager. The pandemic also created an increased focus on risk management, as well as the well-being of traveling and non-traveling employees.

Navigating today’s landscape requires travel managers to shift their focus a bit from pre-pandemic practices and employ some different skills in the process. It’s why TripActions created guides packed with tips and tools to help you navigate this new normal. Three guides relevant to today’s travel manager include:

Here are some of the insights you’ll gain.

Adjusting to In-Person Work Will Require Some Work
Going back to the office for travel managers will not be exactly like riding a bike. The familiarity will be offset by changes that have evolved with a remote or hybrid workforce during the pandemic.

As you’ll discover in the Return to Office Checklists guide, travel managers can take several practical steps when adjusting to a hybrid office. Here are a few:

  • Reevaluate your business travel solution to ensure it’s optimized for new needs.
  • Communicate with travelers (face to face!) for their insights into the travel program.
  • Ensure that employees traveling between offices have the info they need.
  • Reinforce the importance of booking all trips on the company’s platform.
  • Revisit travel policies to make sure they account for all employee situations.

Get all of our tips and insights around returning to the office with the guide, Return to Office Checklists for Travel and Finance Managers.

Minimize Risk for Your Road Warriors
The pandemic only increased the need for travel managers to keep their road warriors’ health and safety top of mind before, during, and after their trips.

The Pandemic Traveler’s Journey guide offers some tips that cover every step of the way, from planning to traveling to returning. They include:

  • Encourage employees to update their travel profiles, especially their emergency contacts.
  • Understand whether COVID-19-related travel requirements are surfaced in the travel booking tool, or how you can communicate them.
  • Prepare for a traveler falling ill and ensure there’s a process to follow with HR, legal, and risk management teams.
  • Review your on-trip support resources and alerts in case of border closures, outbreaks, or changes to travel requirements.
  • Talk with HR teams about if—and how—travelers should report symptoms after a trip.

Get even more risk management tips in the guide, 5 Key Checklists for the Pandemic Traveler’s Journey.

Why Time Off Benefits Employees…and Companies
According to Glassdoor, nearly 90% of executives say their company is seeing higher turnover than normal. And in a Deloitte survey, more than 75% of employees reported experiencing burnout at their current job.

Clearly, all work and no play is not a good formula for helping employees succeed. Ensuring that workers get their fair share of time off will have a positive effect on everyone. The Personal Travel Benefit guide lists the following benefits of PTO:

  • Combats burnout. After taking vacations, employees report feeling more positive, more energized, and more productive.
  • Helps attract and retain talent. It costs up to 2x an annual salary to replace a salaried employee.
  • Boosts productivity. For every 10 employee vacation hours, average performance reviews are 8% higher.

Get all of the insights around encouraging employee PTO with the guide, Why Companies Need a Personal Travel Benefit in 2022.

A Solution to Help Ease the Path Back
Travel managers in 2022 have even more on their plates than in 2019. Changed processes, new policies, added risk, and employee morale have all worked their way to the top of travel managers’ to-do lists.

It’s never been more critical to implement an automated, end-to-end solution for travel, corporate card, and expense management—one that streamlines processes and removes manual labor so travel and finance managers can focus on more strategic initiatives. And that’s precisely what the solution from TripActions can do—for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises.

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