Real Hotel Savings for Companies

Our customers save on average 34% on hotel bookings with our innovative travel program. Let’s see if your company can save too.

A Solution That Works for You and Your Employees

With TripActions, you get an all-in-one, every-step-of-the-way solution built to maximize your company’s hotel savings and your employee’s satisfaction.


We’ve seen what doesn’t work with traditional travel management solutions. Our ultra-modern, data-based booking platform and enticing incentives on hotel bookings have encouraged employees to stay compliant with their company policy 86% of the time (and growing).


From the booking options they want to a sleek app for support and service in the palm of their hand, employees are happier traveling with a program that feels like it was designed with their desires in mind – because it was.

Company Hotel

Every step of our solution maximizes savings from hotel bookings for your company. We’ve built special relationships with vendors to offer discounts up to 40% lower than what’s publicly available, designed a policy platform that dynamically captures the best booking options, and more.

Better Visibility,
Simpler Management

With TripActions, you’ll be provided with a user-friendly administrative dashboard for clarity and control of every aspect of your travel program. Instantly find and effortlessly monitor your company’s spend, savings via hotel bookings, and travel trends with reporting organized the way you want it.

  • Consolidated Reports
  • Simple Reconciliation
  • Traveler Management

Incentives That
Inspire Hotel Savings

We offer incentives that reward travelers for making cost-effective choices on hotel bookings, determined by our industry-exclusive technology that calculates how much they should earn based on how much they’ve saved—the ultimate win-win.

Make Business Travel a Perk, Not a Pain

We designed every aspect of our program so traveling for work is actually enjoyable, not a headache (and encourages compliance).


Our team of travel experts provide your employees with 24/7 technical support, help with booking or making changes mid-trip, and proactive notifications over chat or phone.

Dynamic Search

Booking becomes a breeze with ultra-smart, personalized search results based on each individual employee’s loyalty programs, trip history, and business travel preferences.

Mobile Experiences

Our mobile app is like a personal travel agent, offering location-based itinerary reminders, live weather reports, seamless integration with Uber & Lyft, and one-click expensing.

Better, Bigger Booking Options

With traditional corporate travel solutions, search results are optimized for the agency’s earnings, and not what’s best for the traveler. Our priority is to change that. We offer one of the most diverse selections of accommodations and travel rates available by integrating more options (and offering exclusive discounts on hotel bookings).

Direct and
Corporate Travel

We’ve curated the best direct and corporate options to offer you great hotel rates and airline inventory—plus, your travelers can still count on the benefits they expect with direct booking, like points with their favorite loyalty programs.

Hotel Options from
Consumer Sites

Take comparison shopping off their to-do list. Unique to the industry, we’ve integrated with top consumer sites including Priceline, Expedia, Kayak, and more so your travelers always see the best options available.

Deeply Discounted
Hotel Prices

In addition to our data-based booking technology that stays in-step with market best rates, we’ve fostered special partnerships to give your travelers access to deep discounts up to 40% off hotel rates compared to what’s publicly-available.

Let’s see how much you can benefit.