Made with Travel Managers in Mind

Access an all-in-one travel management and policy platform that gives you control where you want it.

Compliance Starts with Happy Travelers

Travelers enjoy our personalized search results based on their loyalty programs, trip history, and company policy – not to mention our awesome incentives for saving on hotel bookings. While on the road (or in the skies), they love our unbeatable app with 24/7 support, location-based itinerary reminders, seamless integration with Uber & Lyft, and one-click expensing. The proof is in the numbers.

Our Team
is Your Team

When you choose TripActions, consider our team your team. Our success team is standing by to partner with you at every step of your TripActions program, from simplifying implementation, to optimizing your company policy and maximizing savings from hotel bookings, to integrating with your existing HR and expensing tools—any time, every day.

  • Average Implementation Time: 1 day
  • Customer Retention Rate: >99%

A Smart, Dynamic
Travel Policy

In today’s data-driven world, we’re harnessing technology that helps travelers book the most cost-effective hotel prices with personalized and up-to-the-minute results. Our cutting-edge platform dynamically and automatically adjusts policies to real-time market prices, helping your company minimize overspending on hotels.

  • Average Company Savings: 34% on hotel bookings
  • Employees Choose to Save: more than 60% of the time

Corporate Travel Risk Management

Take care of what matters most to your company with travel risk management tools built right into the TripActions platform.
Our built-in duty of care tools let you track employee trips from start to finish. Rest assured our live map can share the real-time location of every employee, whether they’re mid-flight or checking into their hotel.
Traveler risk management requires quick communication with travelers in an emergency. With TripActions, all it takes is one click to send a travel alert, deliver a message, or make a phone call the moment you need to.
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