The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the TripActions Customer Referral Program:

  • To be eligible for the TripActions Referral Program the Referring Customer must refer to TripActions a Referred Contact at a company that is not an existing customer of TripActions, or currently in negotiations with TripActions about becoming a customer. Sales can not receive the referral bonus for leads they would normally be compensated on.
  • To submit a referral, the Referring Customer must submit the referral at link. The sales team will follow up asking for context and an introduction.
  • For a referral to be successful, it must lead to a 45-min product demonstration with a travel decision maker at a company with at least $100K in annual travel spend. The demonstration must occur within 30 days of being referred.
  • For each successful company referral, TripActions will pay a $250 bonus to the Referring Customer.
  • An individual can only be nominated for the Referral Program once within a 12 month period.
  • In the event that TripActions receives multiple referrals to a single company, only the first referral that leads to a product demonstration with a travel decision maker will count as a successful referral.