As companies look to operate leaner for the near future, finance leaders are in a unique position to transform their travel and expense management to help spur their organisation’s business and economic recovery.

Second to compensation, T&E is often the largest controllable expense. Although travel has temporarily slowed, that T&E slice of the budget will return. That’s why forward-thinking finance leaders are now taking a keen interest in streamlining expense management now.

Discover the T&E strategies that will separate the winners from the losers in the recovering economy.

What you’ll get in the strategy kit:

  • Rethinking Travel & Expense: A Framework for Business Recovery - strategies for safe and cost-effective ways to get business travellers travelling again to drive growth
  • Strategies To Enhance Control Over Travel Spend - how to create automated, traveler-friendly policies and set the right expectations up front
  • On-demand webinar: A Path to Business Recovery in a Post-Covid World - improve visibility and control over travel spend in order to maximise savings and budgets
  • On-demand webinar: Finance Leaders - How to Balance Crisis and Growth - learn how to negotiate your contracts to cut costs without sacrificing your business objectives
  • The TripActions Business Travel Continuity™ Checklist - outlines 9 steps for ensuring you have the ability to rapidly adapt to business disruptions, dynamic market changes, and quickly evolving situations