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May 17, 2021

TripActions Prepares Travellers to Return to the Skies with New Safety Features

Business travel can be a lot of work — and that was before COVID-19. As the world gets back to business, travellers and their companies are looking for the tools and information they need in order to feel safe and travel confidently. TripActions has developed a suite of innovative features for every stage of a journey to equip travellers and their managers with real-time data and support.

The Return to Travel Feature Suite

TripActions data show that between November ‘20 and January ‘21, 67% of international itineraries saw a travel restriction change between booking date and departure. And many destinations and airlines now require proof of health documentation in order to travel.

So while business travel continues to pick up, especially with an accelerated vaccine roll out, there is a new normal to traverse on the way to that first team meeting. Business travellers are excited to get back on the road, but risk and uncertainty around changing restrictions can dampen or even discourage leaders from organising their first meet ups.

TripActions has automated all the work to answer any question or doubt that a traveller might have while also making it as simple as a click for admins to oversee and control where and when their teams are travelling to keep everyone as safe as possible.

In addition to existing features in the Business Travel Continuity suite, such as enhanced policy settings, airline safety protocols, pre-trip approvals, and self-serve trip changes and cancellations, the ‘Return to Travel’ suite includes three new features:

Notification Enhancements

Travellers can now receive destination-specific travel restriction change notifications to ensure they have the latest real-time data and information on the global travel environment. Live updates and changes are available for entry restrictions, quarantine policies, health documentation requirements, COVID testing requirements, health insurance requirements, visa requirements, transit restrictions and more.

Digital Health Passport

TripActions now offers travellers a digital health passport where they can upload and store all necessary health documentation required to travel domestically and internationally within a centralised hub. This information can be easily displayed to anyone who requires documented proof upon arrival to any destination.

Automated Unused Ticket Application

TripActions now helps companies of all sizes account for every dollar spent with the automatic application of new or partially used flight credits for all future bookings.

Take a look today to learn more about the ‘Return to Travel’ suite and how it can guide business travellers and organisations towards in-person meetings — because business travellers should focus on being there, not getting there.

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