Why today’s business traveller needs are changing

Focus on achieving results when you get there rather than the process of getting there
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TripActions corporate travel management platform includes company savings dashboard, an unrivaled inventory and mobile itineraries

The evolution of corporate travel

TripActions Product Screenshot - Search interface shows travel policy to keep travelers within budget

How to reduce business traveller stress

Simply put, business travel is stressful. But there are ways to help: clearly show your employees their predetermined travel stipend within your travel platform and share savings when employees choose lower cost travel options. Schedule a meeting with one of our product specialists to see these features at work on the TripActions platform.

TripActions Product Screenshot - Unrivaled inventory and search powered by machine learning

Leave your bad travel baggage at home

Going from road weary to road warrior requires more than a few business traveler tips and tricks. TripActions puts more time back in your employees’ days, reducing average booking time from 60 minutes down to six.

Despite the increased travel volume, our 93% adoption rate makes it easy to verify that people are booking the most economical options that are also within policy. That gives me comfort that we are spending less than if we were using any other platform.”

- Desene Sterling, Accounting Manager, Lime