Lime Delivers on Duty of Care for Their Global Workforce

With a mission to unlock cities and empower better urban living, Lime experienced hyper international growth. This required a significant amount of business travel to achieve over the course of two years — which wasn’t always easy.

“The biggest challenge we have with corporate travel relates to the sheer amount of travel we have to do,” said Desene Sterling, Accounting Manager at Lime. “We need to know where people are and when they are travelling so we can deliver on duty of care.”

Lime’s initial booking tool had a 10% adoption rate with little visibility into spend and no reporting and analysis functionality. To make matters worse, most employees were taking short-haul flights between San Francisco and San Diego, but paying unreasonable fares nearly every time. The tool itself provided little transparency into how it pulled and organised inventory, so Desene had no idaea if they were getting fair prices.

  • Delivering on duty of care
  • No reporting and analysis for travel spend
  • Limited visibility into rates
Results with TripActions
  • Global support across 25 countries and five continents
  • 93% traveller adoption
  • Average daily rate for hotels driven 40% below policy cap
  • Faster reconciliation process

A Change Was Needed

Desene and her team felt strongly that Lime needed an end-to-end travel solution that would encourage employee adoption just by being a delight to use. Aside from visibility into the financials of travel, Lime’s managers and administrators needed to make sure their travellers were supported around the world, especially since business trip plans change so frequently.

One Tool to Rule Them All

After their existing solution failed to address Lime’s challenges, Desene and her team reviewed several travel management companies. TripActions was the only solution to bring together all of Lime’s must-haves as a global enterprise in a single platform.

“I loved that everything we needed was built into TripActions as a complete enterprise solution,” Desene said. “In particular, TripActions had all the inventory our travellers needed at the right price. In fact, hotel rates were often cheaper than what we could find outside their platform.”

Quick Implementation

As an added bonus, it took less than one week from the time Lime first met with their TripActions customer success manager to when bookings began. “I feel like when you buy software, you tend to feel really connected during the sales process, but then after you kind of get ghosted,” Desene said. “It doesn’t feel like that with TripActions. The implementation was incredibly fast and everyone is still just as responsive as if they were trying to get our business for the first time.”

“TripActions’ incentives programme has driven our Average Daily Rate to 40% below our policy cap. This means that our employees are voluntarily booking more economical options, whereas before they were always maxing out their allowance.”
Desene Sterling, Accounting Manager

Saving on Spend

Desene’s favourite part of TripActions, especially as an accounting manager, is the reconciliation tool. With it, she can take Lime’s corporate card statement and import it to match up charges against trips, employees, departments, locations, and more, saving her team valuable time.


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