Why SurveyMonkey Turned to TripActions to Keep Travellers Safe

SurveyMonkey helps the most innovative organisations develop big ideas by providing companies with data and insights on how their customers think. A leader in cloud-based, online surveys, SurveyMonkey offers an easy-to-use platform that helps more than three million people each day. The company has grown rapidly by creating a culture of performance and prioritising employee satisfaction.

For several years SurveyMonkey didn’t actively manage travel. After adopting American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX) employees were unhappy with the travel content and service, while travel costs continued to rise. In an attempt to find the right solution, SurveyMonkey migrated to Egencia, but was again disappointed with the user experience and insufficient savings.

  • Outdated technology, hadn’t been updated in years
  • Frequent employee complaints about user experience
  • Inadequate back-end reporting with limited data and visibility
  • Minimal company savings
Results with TripActions
  • A complete one-stop-shop solution
  • Easier booking and travel management for employees
  • Smarter travel decisions by employees
  • Achieves significant savings

SurveyMonkey’s previous travel solutions: frustrated employees, increased costs

The company saw a disconnect between its focus on employee satisfaction and the frustration its travel solutions caused for them. SurveyMonkey’s employees turned outside the system, looking to external sites for alternative travel options and a more mobile-friendly user experience. This made it impossible to have good visibility into employee travel habits or to manage travel costs. In search of an alternative solution that would be embraced by employees and would deliver significant savings, SurveyMonkey turned to TripActions.

TripActions delivered everything SurveyMonkey needed

SurveyMonkey’s finance team was initially attracted to TripActions by the potential savings, but it quickly became clear the value was far greater. As a complete one-stop-shop solution, TripActions delivered an outstanding mobile-friendly user experience, provided employees rewards for booking through TripActions, improved visibility with a real-time administrative dashboard, and allowed SurveyMonkey to consolidate where employees booked travel. The company’s leaders now see reduced travel costs and have real-time insights into their travel programme.

SurveyMonkey loves TripActions

TripActions has become loved by SurveyMonkey’s employees. It makes finding, booking, and changing travel easy. Plus, earning rewards for saving company money has become a well-known perk throughout the organisation. Looking forward, SurveyMonkey is considering additional ways to realise even greater value from TripActions. This includes making even better business decisions about travel spending and utilising TripActions’ duty-of-care tools to gain greater visibility of travelling employees, helping keep travellers safe.

“TripActions promotes far better travel decisions, makes it easier for employees to book travel, rewards employees for making better travel decisions, and actually saves the company money.”
K.D., VP of Finance

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