Simplify with Centralised Billing & Billback

Enjoy simplified reconcilliation with consolidated invoices, saving both time and effort
*EMEA-based travellers
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Streamline payments for everyone

Billback takes the burden off of travellers by covering travel expenses up front and it takes the heavy lifting off of programme managers and finance teams through centralised billing. Available only to travellers based in Europe.

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Travellers book, we handle the rest

With Billback, travellers no longer need to use a personal or corporate card when booking on TripActions. Employees instead are able to pay using your company’s account, which generates a unique virtual card per booking. We also provide self-serve tools to ensure they’re covered with pay later hotels and can submit CCAs as needed.

Easy reconciliation for finance teams

At the end of each billing cycle, TripActions will send a consolidated invoice for each traveller’s spend, making reconciliation a breeze. Your finance teams won’t need to track down expense reports for business travel that was booked through TripActions on personal cards, ultimately saving them time and effort.