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Keep travellers safe while controlling costs
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TripActions corporate travel management platform includes company savings dashboard, an unrivaled inventory and mobile itineraries

What is corporate travel management and why
do companies need it?

Corporate travel management requires a proactive approach to managing employee travel. Needing to manage travel is often a sign of a growing business. But a healthy travel program requires management that balances cost control and traveller safety. TripActions enables travel managers to design and implement a travel program that you can trust.

What makes TripActions different from other travel management companies?

Fast becoming the default for corporate travel, TripActions delivers a modern online booking tool, a smarter payments & expense solution with TripActions Liquid™, and a global travel agency to provide exceptional value to our customers. Our intelligent business travel platform combines the latest AI-driven technologies with unrivalled flight, lodging and rental car inventory, dynamic travel policies, rewards programs to drive savings, and global 24/7 365 proactive travel agents to delight employees, finance leaders and travel managers alike—all while empowering organisations to seize travel as a strategic lever for growth.

See TripActions in Action - Trusted by 4,000 companies globally, TripActions delivers real-time data and insights to make business and policy decisions, paired with flexible travel management tools that enable organisations to take action to protect travelling employees and control costs.

What makes TripActions different from other travel management companies?

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A Corporate Travel Management Checklist

Here is your checklist when shopping for travel management software:

  • 24/7 traveller support that is ready when things go wrong
  • Business travel continuity features to actively monitor travelling employees, adjust policy, and ensure traveller safety
  • A free, top rated mobile app designed to be right there with you on every trip

Download The TripActions Business Travel Continuity™ Checklist that outlines 10 steps for ensuring travel managers and their organisations have the ability to rapidly adapt and become resilient in the face of business disruptions, dynamic market changes, and quickly evolving situations.

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Identify and manage business travel risk

Effective corporate travel management starts with full visibility into when and where employees are travelling, and having the right tools in place to enable agile responses to ensure business travel continuity. TripActions simplifies corporate travel management with advanced business travel continuity tools and duty of care features.

With TripActions you can:

  • Ensure traveller safety with the ability to blacklist travel by continent, country and city
  • Keep travelling employees informed via communication en masse and individually in the app
  • Access real-time data on the coronavirus and travel to make business decisions
  • Implement travel program and travel policy changes on the fly to protect travellers

Check out our webinar on How to get Back to Business Travel Safely for more information on how you can adjust your corporate travel program and travel policy safely and informed.

TripActions Liquid payments and expenses

Modern business trip payments and expense

Smarter travel & expense management starts with corporate travellers, rethinking their experience, and providing them with new solutions to simplify their lives. With trip-enabled cards and travel policy details in-app, TripActions Liquid™ means business travellers no longer have to worry about reimbursements or putting travel spend charges on personal credit cards. TripActions Liquid simplifies the booking process in TripActions and the payment process when business travellers are on the road.

TripActions 24/7 mobile support chat

Ensure stress-free travel for employees

With TripActions, your travelling employees have 24/7 365 access to our team of expert travel agents. Our travel services team is at-the-ready to assist travellers with everything from finding alternative routes to arranging safe travel home.

Employee safety and well-being is always something that’s at the forefront of my mind. When you’re holding major events like ComplexCon where 75% of your employee population is traveling to a location, TripActions is an invaluable tool. Some of our team members simply couldn’t be effective in their jobs without it.”

- Jay Salim, VP of HR & Operations, Complex Networks