Business travel can often be seen as a company perk and whilst it does have it’s benefits, once an employee leaves home, the potential for everything from minor medical issues to global emergencies increases.

From pandemic to natural disaster, it’s crucial to prepare for the unexpected in business travel in order to manage risk and ensure the safety of your employees whilst on the road.

In the new eBook from TripActions, ‘Prioritising Duty of Care for Global Emergencies’, learn how to create consistent and rigorous plans that maximise your preparedness when emergencies strike and ensure you provide a high standard of duty of care for your employees.

This ebook includes:

  • Best practice for creating a strategic duty of care plan, exploring the importance of preparation, visibility, communication and facilitation
  • Duty of care’s common mistakes and potential issues that can be avoided
  • How a modern TMC can support you with travel management, visibility and employee communication