Get ahead of the curve. Prepare your travel programme for the long-term adoption of remote and hybrid work models.

The way we work is changing. For the first time in history, many companies around the world were recently pushed to experiment with distributed workflows. Teams that once sat together in the office began collaborating over Zoom, Slack, Airtable, Microsoft Teams and other platforms to replace the proverbial coffee break and water cooler conversations.

Many companies in the tech industry, such as Google, Facebook, Shopify and Atlassian, have announced longer term stances on remote work. As health and safety concerns persist, a more diverse mix of companies such as Siemens, RBS, and BP are exploring remote work as well.

We put together this report by interviewing leaders from Remote, Gitlab, and InVision. Gathering insights from these early adopters and pioneers in the field of remote working.

Resulting in the 5 practical steps to prepare your travel and expense programme for remote work, which you can find in the report. They are:

  • Stay vigilant of potential travel disruptions
  • Streamline the approvals process
  • Empower teams to meet more frequently in smaller groups
  • Establish an annual company-wide event
  • Leverage technology for better business outcomes