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TripActions gives you the real-time reporting and visibility you need to ensure the safety of your employees
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Consolidate travel management for visibility and safety

As organisations expand, visibility at scale becomes crucial to managing travel operations and traveller safety, especially in today’s changing environment. And when unexpected events arise, knowing where your travellers are and communicating with them are first priority. TripActions gives your team real-time reporting, the tools to define policies and parameters and mitigate traveller risk all in one place.

TripActions Crisis/Risk Managers - The TripActions product app provides a new coronavirus report dashboard

Identify and manage business travel risk

With high traveller adoption rates, TripActions is uniquely positioned to help you enable business continuity in today’s uncertain world. The TripActions Business Travel Continuity™ solution provides real-time data and insights and tools to customise your policies and alert your travellers, so your organisation can adapt and respond quickly in times of uncertainty.

TripActions Crisis/Risk Managers - The TripActions product app includes a live traveller map to identify where your travellers are at all times.

Keeping your travellers safe

Employee safety is paramount. With TripActions, you can leverage comprehensive tools such as our coronavirus report to get real-time visibility into employee travel, easily see which employees are impacted by global events, or take a look at current travel across your organisation with our Live Traveller Map and communicate with travellers quickly.

TripActions Crisis/Risk Managers - Utilise the TripActions product application 24/7 365 support at no extra cost.

24/7 365 Global travel agents to ensure traveller safety

TripActions’ powerful and proactive travel agents have executives and employees covered 24/7 365 via phone, chat, and email. Travellers will even receive proactive alerts about delays and new restrictions that may impact their travel. Best of all, support is always 100% free.

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