Maximise Your Savings with TripActions

TripActions helps your business save on travel spend, with specialised rates and industry-leading tools that help control costs and maximise savings — ensuring finance teams always get the most out of their travel budget.

Exclusive Travel Discounts

All the deals travellers could want in one platform

TripActions sources competitive rates from a diversity of providers and negotiates for exclusive deals. With access to thousands of discounted business-focused travel offerings, bundles, special direct supplier rates, and even consumer-focused rates, TripActions brings all the deals travellers could want onto one platform.

  • Up to 25% off the best available rate with amenities included at 30K+ hotels globally
  • Special member rates and additional discounts when bundled with an air, car, or rail booking
  • Rates from consumer websites, like Expedia and
  • Unique discounts on published fares with major carriers around the world
  • Access to 150+ low-cost carriers at no additional charge
  • Special saver fares and bundled offerings
  • Up to 10% off public rates with major agencies around the world
  • Access to highly competitive consumer rates

Travel Consulting

TripActions negotiates, supports, and manages your corporate discounts on a constant basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your corporate negotiated discounts and overall travel programmes.

Image of corporate negotiated hotel rates, which TripActions helps negotiate and promote
Cost Controls

Straightforward, Comprehensive Policy Tools

Modern companies need a global travel programme with easy-to-set and adjust policy controls for every market they serve. They need insight into fair market values around the world, and the ability to influence more responsible travel spend. Travellers need clear visibility into travel policies and to understand how to best support programme savings. Easily adjust policy settings by:

  • Employee groups
  • Destination
  • Location
  • Cabin class
  • Star rating
  • Flight length

Clear Policy Messaging to Travellers

With TripActions, travellers never have to worry about whether a booking is out of policy or not, because we make policy guidelines clear at the time of booking. Travel managers can feel confident that their travellers always have the resources they need to make well-informed booking decisions.

Price to Beat

TripActions’ booking tool features a proprietary algorithm that determines a fair market rate resulting in a dynamic, real-time benchmark that is set for every booking made. Travellers are rewarded for beating this fair market calculated rate, and companies are rewarded with an average savings of 26% on lodging alone.

TripActions’ booking tool calculates a fair market rate each time a booking takes place. That means a real-time, dynamic benchmark is set for every traveller on every booking.

Image of TripActions price-to-beat feature, which rewards travellers for making lower cost bookings and provides companies with greater savings.
Optimise Travel Spend

Stay Within Travel Budgets

Make sure all the money your business spends is put to the best use. TripActions helps companies reclaim credit - including unused tickets - and apply funds with an industry-leading automated credit application that reduces wasted travel spend.

Unused Credit Automation

Reclaim thousands of pounds of unused credits to offset travel spend. TripActions can transfer unused credits from a previous agency, show and apply unused or partially used credits to travellers while booking, track usage in the admin dashboard, and even transfer credits between employees and guests.

Image of TripActions unused ticket feature that allows credits to be transferred between employees and guests.

Added Value Automation

Don’t let travel funds go to waste. With TripActions, your company’s added value funds are automatically applied whenever a paid seat or change fee occurs. TripActions agents can also help apply funds for special use cases.

Image of seat map with paid seat options, which will automatically get available soft dollars applied at time of booking.
For Travellers

Sky-High Adoption

TripActions has a 96% customer satisfaction rate, and extremely quick and effective new-client implementations, which lead to our incredibly high platform adoption. Travel platform adoption is a vital component of travel savings, because the more your travellers book with your travel platform, the more savings it can deliver with those travellers.


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