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Duration: 45 min

As the virtual-first working environment refocuses on in-person connections, two factors are becoming more important than ever: improving employee productivity and building company culture. How can your travel program take advantage?

This 45-minute BTN Group In the Know webinar, sponsored and developed by TripActions, provides insights into how travel can play a key role in the evolution of employee benefits. As companies finalize plans to move forward with a distributed workforce, employees now see the occasional business trip as a true benefit.

Hear how TripActions is leading the charge to enable in-person connections, empowering the impact travel has on team culture, and driving the growth of environmental sustainability.

Watch this session to learn: * How travel is expected to increase for the average employee—and why that matters * How key technology tools that can make in-person team gatherings a breeze * Why in-person connections are essential for (re)building company culture * How sustainable business practices will forever transform companies’ travel programs

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Featured Speakers:

Blaine Bassett

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, TripActions

Joel Corpus

Manager, Enterprise Customer Success, TripActions

Ryan Patrick O'Neill (RPO)

Manager, Enterprise Customer Success, TripActions