Vaccine – The Golden Ticket to Ramping up Travel
Duration: 45 minutes

Your travelers may be thinking “I’m vaccinated, I’m ready to travel.” But are vaccines the only golden ticket for domestic and international road warriors?

View this session to hear insights from Ann Dery from S&P Global, Inc., leading travel manager, who is in the trenches of planning topics such as:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders and leadership on company policies around testing and vaccine requirement
  • Adjusting plans to account for pent-up demand and relaxing of restrictions
  • Determining the “right amount” of travel...and how to allocate budget

Featured Speakers:

Katie Virtue

Travel Consultant, Festive Road

Ann Dery

Global Corporate Travel & Meetings Operations and Procurement Leader, S&P Global, Inc.

Blaine Bassett,

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, TripActions